About Smiling Albino

Smiling Albino was conceived to create highly original, tailor-made travel experiences that we’d proudly take our friends and family on. Founded in 1999 by Canadians, Scott Coates and Daniel Fraser, we’ve gradually grown from our original base in Thailand to offer tours in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Nepal, bringing a unique travel experience to thousands of guests. Bespoke tours are the result of continuous travel, innovation and refinement — combining multiple activities, charming venues and world-class hosts. The signature of our experiences relies on the intimate relationships we've built with a huge network of people throughout the region, both in a professional and personal capacity, as well as through our Community Projects and work with local communities.

Why travel with Smiling Albino? We don’t just connect the dots… we create them… and deliver unforgettable travel experiences.

Our Team

The most challenging part of our business is assembling the ideal team. From our office staff in Bangkok, to guides in Cambodia and porters in Nepal, these are the real stars of a Smiling Albino experience. But our team is more diverse than just the immediate members of our team. It’s also the owner of the noodle shop we’ve known for more than a decade, the hippie barkeep in the Golden Triangle that opens early (or closes late) for us and the key master at a remote jungle temple who grants us special access. Each person is a player in the orchestra who works in concert to create a special, seamless travel experience. Read more about our team…

Community Projects

Living somewhere exotic as a guest is only fun for so long. To really be at home one must lay down roots. Since moving to Thailand in 1999 we’ve seized opportunities to not only get involved in the communities we live and travel, but conceive, launch and manage community projects throughout the region. While this process is rewarding, it more importantly builds trust with people that blossoms into rich friendships, and makes us part of their community. Read more about how we are involved with local communities.

Guest Testimonials

We’d love to tell you all day about how great our tours are, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what guests have been saying about us since 1999. Read a few things our guests are saying about Smiling Albino.

What’s with the name?

Lighthearted, rooted in Asia and carrying special meaning, we love our name – Smiling Albino – has a nice ring to it! But what does it all mean? Have a read and all will be revealed. Curious? Learn why it’s “Smiling Albino”.

More questions?

This is a big trip you’re embarking upon; better make sure you have all the facts before setting out. Most things are answered on our FAQ page.