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What's With the Name?

The name Smiling Albino reflects both the origin and history of our company. Smiling Albino was born in Thailand, a country often referred to as the Land of Smiles after its endearingly friendly and hospitable population. Additionally, the name reflects something unique about Thailand's pageantry: white albino elephants have been given as gifts to Kings of Siam for centuries and have come to represent the sacred power, grandeur and glory of the Kingdom. We have since grown to host adventures in many countries and our name still reflects the reverence that people in the region accord white elephants.

The SA logo, featuring an auspicious, happy, white elephant set within a saffron-coloured crest was designed to establish a sense of fun and intrigue - core components of a Smiling Albino adventure.

The inscription - est. 2543 - on the crest indicates the year in the Buddhist calendar when the Smiling Albino concept was conceived.