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Recently while out surveying on the road I met an old college friend who’d just quit his job on Wall Street. After years building a good career in finance, he simply quit, booked a ticket, and left to Southeast Asia for 3 months. We quickly got into the discussion about the events in life you remember, versus the ones you don’t, and what makes an event impactful. From the last years of tireless dedication to work he had quite a few mentionable business successes. Rightfully so, he was proud, and so was I. But within his first 4 weeks of traveling, he’d created more impactful memories then he had in years at work, and this is where he really beamed and excitement built.

A breath of life breakfast with guests in Nepal, April 2014.
A breath of life breakfast with guests in Nepal, April 2014.

This is what is special and unique about travel, no matter the length, it makes you feel alive! You become the keen observer, the participant, and engage with your surroundings. A breakfast is no longer a quick bagel and coffee to go, but a methodical, stimulating episode where you take a breath of life and beam with gratitude for where you are. The ordinary events of daily life become extraordinary. And impactful events like bathing a Thai elephant in a river, or cycling through mountain villages in Nepal, or navigating traffic on the back of a scooter in Saigon, become bookmarks in the story of your life.

Like all great stories there is a beginning, middle and end. Our beginning has already been written, and the middle – the place where we are now and deciding to be tomorrow or next year – will affect the outcome of our lives. The more impactful moments we create, the richer our story will be. Our lives are busy and months and years can blur together, so the best thing we can do for ourselves is to escape once in a while for a reset and remember what it is that is most important in life. What sort of story do you want to write? I’m guessing one with a lot of impactful moments and lifetime memories. We’d be happy to help you write more chapters in your story!

Daniel Fraser,
Smiling Albino Adventurer-in-Chief

Adventure Highlights:

Magic Moe amazing the kids
Magic Moe amazing the kids

Making Magic in Vietnam

Magic Moe created a lifelong memory for some young school children while travelling on his 3rd trip with Smiling Albino in Vietnam last week. In Hanoi, while visiting Huu Tiep lake to see the downed B-52 Bomber Plane, he just happened to see a school yard full of children eager to meet some tourists. He thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make a handkerchief disappear! Watch the magic here!

What’s Going On:

Temples in Yangon
Temples in Yangon

All that glitters, Asia’s Golden Land

New Myanmar experience in November, 2014 with magnificent temples, remote villages, historic journeys, colonial hill stations, stupas glittering in gold, thousands of pagodas and smiling faces! This first excursion will be led by our own adventurer-in-chief Dan Fraser.
See the full tour itinerary online. To learn more or book the tour by email

Dan and guests in Nepal
Dan and guests in Nepal

Highlights of Nepal Grand Slam

Dan’s back from 2 weeks guiding and caring for a group through a “Nepal Grand Slam” customized tour. From the Kathmandu Valley, Annapurna and Pokhara, the group has been trekking, mountain biking, visiting pilgrimage sites and monasteries as well as riding Royal Enfield motorcycles.

See the trip photos! To customize or book your own Nepal Grand Slam inquire at



In the Media:

Dan Fraser for Expat Entrepreneur Nomination
Dan Fraser for Expat Entrepreneur Nomination

Entrepreneur Nomination in Big Chili Mag

Daniel B. Fraser from Smiling Albino nominated for 2014 Expat Entrepreneur in Big Chilli Magazine!

See the full magazine online.



Smiling Albino in Globe & Mail
Smiling Albino in Globe & Mail

Globe & Mail Canada

Chris Jones retells his experience rediscovering Bangkok, after nearly 25 years away, with the knowledgable Dan Fraser to guide him around Chinatown’s Yaowarat Road.

Read Hot, sweet, sour and salty: Bangkok is foodie bliss


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