New Luxury – Albino Smiles Nov., 2014

Smiling Albino’s intuitive look into the changing travel industry this month focuses on New Luxury — from fashion, to travel, to education — transends customary luxury & consists of tailor-made, experiential, relational & narratable experiences

Bikes on Planes

Bikes on planes: take your bicycle with you next time you travel around Southeast Asia. New airline regulations allow bikes as checked luggage, some free of charge. Go further, see more!

Bargaining in Southeast Asia

by Greg Jorgensen Some of you may remember that classic scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian where Brian, running from pursuing Roman soldiers, tries to buy a disguise from a vendor for full price. The vendor, insulted at Brian’s disinterest in haggling, schools him on the rules of getting the best price. It’s a hilarious scene […]