What are surprises for? Albino Smiles, June 2014

What are surprises for? The unexpected is a part of life, and sometimes, when it is sudden and provokes an emotional response, we call it surprise. We’ve all experienced surprise and know that it can be neutral, pleasant, or unpleasant. Smiling Albino of course likes to focus on the best kinds of surprises, and operating […]

Impactful Memories! – Albino Smiles, May 2014

Impactful Memories! Recently while out surveying on the road I met an old college friend who’d just quit his job on Wall Street. After years building a good career in finance, he simply quit, booked a ticket, and left to Southeast Asia for 3 months. We quickly got into the discussion about the events in […]

Importance of Family – Albino Smiles, April 2014

Importance of Family Several weeks ago I was enjoying a few lazy minutes going through my twitter feed (@danbfraser) before getting out of bed in the morning, when I came across a beautiful sunset picture posted by a friend in New York. As I looked out my window and saw the blazing red hues of […]

Albino Smiles – March 2014 Edition

Doing the Impossible Until a cool and overcast Thursday in Oxfordshire, England, it was considered impossible for an athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. Sportsmen had been trying for decades to break the time barrier and some medical professionals of the day declared it an unreachable milestone. On May 6th, 1954, the […]

Albino Smiles, Jan 2014 Edition

What an extraordinary year we had at Smiling Albino! It was our biggest yet, and thank YOU for helping make us one of the coolest travel companies on the planet. YOU are what makes running this company fun. The Trouble with Bucket Lists At the start of each New Year we seem to be inundated […]