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Champagne moment


Special Champagne Moment

To add a special and memorable moment to your time on the river, we’ll arrange for a couple of local floating market ladies to paddle out and meet our boat as we cruise down a particularly picturesque part of the canal. This is a common occurrence in the canals of Bangkok as vendors sell their wares and produce. However, on this occasion, the ladies will surprise us with canapés and pour flutes of champagne! Definitely a Kodak moment!

Bangkok Multitransport Adventure-TH-KD-Goldberg-17(9)

chiang mai

Private Monk Blessing Ceremony

A very special ritual at one of Thailand’s most famous temples. Get up close and observe the temple’s monks performing their morning prayer chanting in Pali. Morning prayers are an essential part of Buddhist practice. After this spiritual observance, guests be invited into a private chamber usually off limits to visitors for a private ceremonial offering to the monks, receiving a personal blessing in return.



Customized Tuk Tuks

Tuk tuks are a quintessential image of everyday life in Thailand and one of the most exhilarating ways to explore Thailand’s frenzied capital. But what if we upped the ante and made the everyday tuk tuk ride into something “wow”? We can elevate any experience with customised tuk-tuks. Whether it’s an anniversary sign, custom numbers, names, balloons for a birthday, or any event you’re celebrating, we can make the tuk tuk fit for the occasion. 

luxury private lunch at thai temple chiang mai

chiang mai

Special Picnic Lunch

During a day tour of Chiang Mai, we’ll visit a historic settlement along the Ping River which pre-dates the city of Chiang Mai. This is a large archaeological site with many beautiful ruins in various stages of restoration. We’ll take a horse cart around the pleasant historical park to Wat Chedi Luang, the first temple of Chiang Mai, where we’ll stumble across a beautiful picnic table set up in the shade of the temple. Starting with a glass of white wine, guests will enjoy a wonderful lunch in an amazing location.


chiang mai

gala dinner & thai cultural performance

Bring a Northern Thailand adventure to an end with the ultimate bang. Tonight, enjoy a luxurious Gala Dinner at a private villa, complete with traditional Thai dance performances and a northern Thai sky lantern launch. This is a catered meal in a dramatic setting in a private villa. Not only perfect for couples, this is the ultimate family and multi-gen celebration. 

cei thailand artist house (1)

chiang rai

visit a famous fine artist

Drop by and visit the famous Thai fine art painter Sangiam Yarangsee at his personal home studio on the outskirts of Chiang Rai town. Enjoy an exclusive experience meeting the artist himself and sipping an iced tea in his workshop looking out over one of his favourite subjects – the mountain range in Mae Puem National Park

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