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Smiling Albino has partnered with getfresh Thailand to put into focus Thailand’s social-enterprise farming and a high-quality organic products.

Merging the importance of highlighting sustainability and showcasing Thailand as a world-class gastronomic travel destination, Smiling Albino and getfresh Thailand have crafted fully-immersive farm-to-table concept adventure to showcase Thailand’s sustainable, social-enterprise farming and a high-quality organic products source.

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getfresh was founded in Bangkok to serve great quality food at a reasonable price. getfresh sources the freshest and most nutritious ingredients to help you meet your food goals. Most importantly, they strive to create chef designed and create-your-own meal options that taste awesome!

Focused on farmed sourced produce, they grow many of their own vegetables at the getfresh farm, sourcing what they don’t grow from farmers in Thailand who are using ethical and sustainable farming practices. Making their practices even more sustainable, they package your goodies in biodegradable or compostable packaging that would make Mother Nature happy. 

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Smiling Albino challenges the convention of what travel is. We obsess over details to custom-design and deliver experiences that exceed expectations. An award-winning travel company founded by local experts and passionate travelers, our mission is to experience a different part of Thailand, differently. 

We don’t outsource your holiday to others. Instead, we personally scout every area, eat at each restaurant, source and train every guide/host, sleep in every hotel bed, ride the bikes, board the boats and scratch the elephants, ensuring every adventure is highly original, well thought out, oozing value, and most importantly a trip we’d take our friends and families on. We micro-manage each part, all the way through, ensuring a world-class travel experience.

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Are you influencing Thailand’s farm-to-table movement? Join Smiling Albino and getfresh as we expose Thailand’s gastronomic successes on the global stage.

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