Adventurers wanted. You live in the fast lane and want to play in the fast lane, we’ve got you covered.

Pulse pounding, heart racing, we’ll sell you the whole seat but you’re only going to need the last two inches.

Adventurers wanted. You live in the fast lane and want to play in the fast lane, nothing is going to satisfy you like the thrill of a Smiling Albino adventure trip. From whitewater rafting to skydiving and BASE jumping, Smiling Albino has you covered. We mix the cultural diversity of the regions we operate in with the a daily workout that can vary from energizing to limit-pushing depending on what you’re looking for.

One of Smiling Albino’s guiding principals in building our adventure trips is that that we want to excel in “multi-sport” adventures. Sometimes the best place for a bike ride comes after a day of paddling, hiking or even scootering. We combine multiple activities to give you the best activity for the best location, not “roughing it and fiddling over helmets and old gloves”. Leave the gear and logistics to us, you get on with having a good time.

  • Thailand Trek and Trail

    Seeking a cultural journey with an outstanding workout each day? This adventure stands out as ultimate, multi-activity Siamese experience. Awesome bike rides combine with stunning hikes and multiple modes of transport, each day more exhilarating than the last.

    Begin with the style and flare of Bangkok, then to the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya and ultimately the country’s northernmost province, Chiang Rai, for six fantastic days of biking and hiking.

    You’ll propel yourself across the country, from remote mountain villages to Golden Triangle border towns while enjoying the scenery, people and cuisine that have made the region famous.

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  • Nepal Trek and Trail

    This is the ultimate high – intensity, athletic, multi- sport adventure in Nepal. Designed for travellers who like to work up a hearty sweat on vacation, are well – versed in mountain biking and fit trekkers, this is an incredible, active Himalayan trip for those who want to skip the tea-houses and enjoy warmth and a good bed.

    You’ll start by staying at the coolest hotel in Kathmandu, see the sites in style, then head out on mountain bikes for three days, riding the mountains along the rim of the Kathmandu valley, then head north towards the border with Tibet. From here you’ll enjoy two wild nights at a tented resort, bungee jumping from one of the world’s highest platforms over a raging river (optional), experience an incredible day white water rafting then head out for five days trekking in a very remote area with a fully supported crew. Top things off with a final hurrah in Kathmandu and you’re sure to be planning your next trip to Nepal. Get ready for the ultimate Himalayan ride!

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  • Fall Motorcycling Classic in Myanmar

    This multi-day route was designed for very experienced riders to allow them to experience outstanding motorcycling in Thailand’s seldom visited rural northwest. From here a grand loop into Myanmar’s untouched wilds.

    We promise to enjoy golf, great scenery and hidden historical sites in this, the least visited country in Southeast Asia. Accommodations are cozy and clean although generally simpler in Myanmar.

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