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Contemporary Cambodia is often overlooked and overshadowed by its neighbors, but despite that it is an unsung hero of Southeast Asia. A country both blessed by and cursed with its past, Cambodia embodies the future of Asia with its youthful promise and entrepreneurial energy.

Cambodia features hard living, welcoming and fun people, a mesmerizing topography and the famous ruins of Angkor – more than an item on a bucket list, but truly something that needs to be experienced, understood and dwelt upon.

  • Angkor Wat

    This incredible complex of ancient temples is more than just a symbol of Cambodia, it is a defining Southeast Asian travel experience for many visitors. Experience these ancient ruins with Smiling Albino in style and peer behind the scenes to get the inside story on Angkor past and present.

  • Phnom Penh

    Former pearl of Asia, Phnom Penh has been through a lot over the past half century. Lee Kuan Yew, founder of Singapore is reputed to have wanted to model the city-state on Phnom Penh. The city retains it’s historical charm while giving off the youthful promise and energy of its future.

  • Khmer Treasures

    Cambodia is a land of dramatic contrasts. From magnificent ancient temples reflecting one of the greatest cultural forces in history, to the charming former French colonial capital and its conflicted past, this trip explores multiple corners. Starting at Angkor Wat you’ll marvel at the glory of the Khmer Kingdom then attempt to understand the turmoil of its recent history and youthful promise of its future.

    This six-day adventure brings you up close and personal with Cambodia’s essentials.

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  • Amazing Angkor

    Regarded as one of the Great Wonders of the World, Angkor Wat is the world’s largest temple complex. Designed as a tribute to Hindu gods, the magnitude and artistic significance of Angkor are unparalleled. This vast kingdom was once the most important and powerful in the region, serving as the Khmer capital for over 600 years. The primary complexes of Angkor Wat, Angkor Tom and Tha Prom are considered the finest and most significant of all the Khmer ruins.

    The enigmatic ruins of Angkor provide a stunning venue for exploration. Avoiding the crowds and delving into the essential – and lesser known – gems is vital to getting the most out of a visit. With this in mind Smiling Albino has applied our original approach to travel to create an intimate and fun exploration of Angkor’s highlights, some lesser-known sites and other interesting quarters using a variety of transport options.

    Complimented with the country’s best hosts, a focus on great local cuisine and superb accommodations, this is an amazing Angkor adventure!

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  • Slow Boat to Battambang

    This three-day adventure connects popular Siem Reap to the colonial Battambang in a remote area exploration taking you through the Prek Toel Floating villages and core Bird Reserve. This is the perfect addition to the Amazing Angkor program for those who want to experience the authentic Khmer way of life.

    Battambang is set to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2016, so it’s appeal of being “off the beaten path” may change in coming years. Now’s your chance to explore this living piece of history.

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  • Cultural Cambodia

    This eight-day journey digs deep into the great treasures of Cambodia with a focus on the Khmer people. We begin in Siem Reap with the ancient Angkor Kingdom and take in life on the Thonle Sap before moving on to Cambodia’s capital, to experience city life first-hand in Phnom Penh. The Mekong Delta is the lifeblood of the Khmer people. After seeing the city’s key sites, you’ll board the Aqua Mekong, and embark on an exotic three-day river cruise down through the expansive Mekong Delta to explore rural delta life in Style.

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  • Siem Reap Day Trips

    Checkout our unique day trips around Siem Reap, there’s a whole lot more to this area than Angkor Wat! These adventures have been carefully designed by local specialists to make the most of your day. Get active and discover off-the-beaten-path Angkor ruins, stunning nature and local communities.

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