See as much as possible, or immerse yourself? With Smiling Albino’s experience on the ground it is possible to have a bit of both.

If you have the time and want to see it all, we’ve got you covered. The Smiling Albino promise for our multi-country trips is the seamless nature of our experiences with multi country tours and the variety of experiences available through the region – from the Himalayas to the beaches.

  • Thailand

    Ostensibly the Land of Smiles, but in reality so much more. From the emerald waters of Krabi to the jungles of Chiang Rai, experience an unseen Thailand in a way that is so much more that checking items off a bucket list. From our Bangkok multi-transport adventure to the Thailand Grand Slam, insider access and local know-how will ensure that you go home having visited a country that few others have really experienced.

  • Cambodia

    More than rocks, ruins and war, this youthful and vibrant country has an infectious and unique energy that underpins the renaissance that Cambodia is undergoing.

  • Vietnam

    More than conical hats, spring rolls, bicycles and French architecture, Vietnam is quite possibly the most vibrant country in Asia.

  • Laos

    Laos is the Wild American West in spirit, the Deep American South at heart. With a backdrop of stunning geography, visit Laos to experience French colonial food and architecture mixed with traditional Laos hospitality and conviviality.

  • Myanmar

    From the himalayas to white sand beaches, modern Myanmar is new, untouched, unknown, and unexplored. Myanmar is possibly the most spiritual of Southeast Asian countries and it is easy to understand why, once you’ve visited.

  • Nepal

    Simply experiencing Nepal is a life changing accomplishment. Even the most hardened cynic will be stunned by the beauty of the moments on offer – truly the place on earth with the most jaw-drops per hour.

  • Multi-Countries Grand Slam

    From exploring little-known corners of Bangkok, we’ll head north to the Golden Triangle, mingle with elephants and hilltribes and then explore charming Chiang Mai via various modes of transport. From here you’ll journey to the ascending dragon, Vietnam, for a new world to old world adventure. Beginning in Hanoi, you’ll travel down south through Halong Bay and Hoi An to Saigon. Then a short flight brings you to the world heritage site of Angkor before heading south to an island for some soft sand and sea, a perfect capstone to an intriguing adventure.

    This adventure is designed with a focus on active exploration complimented with relaxation, quality, and value.

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  • Thai-Khmer Adventure

    This itinerary is designed to explore – in comfort – the local cultures of Southeast Asia’s two Kingdoms; Thailand and Cambodia. You’ll spend two weeks taking in big cities, rural landscapes, local life, as well as unique and familiar transport from Tuk Tuk’s, to kayaks on this multi-activity discovery.

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