From the Himalayas to white sand beaches, modern Myanmar is new, untouched, unknown, and unexplored. Myanmar is possibly the most spiritual of Southeast Asian countries and it is easy to understand why, once you’ve visited.

From the Himalayas to white-sand beaches, Myanmar is possibly the most geographically diverse country of Southeast Asia and it is easy to understand why the likes of Kipling and Orwell fell in love with it. A spirituality permeates the place, and remains a constant despite the pace of change that gives us something new to discover every month.

Until recently a country shrouded in mystery and secrecy, every discerning traveler is sure to find something to move, touch and inspire him despite the fact that it is still largely new, untouched, unknown, and unexplored.

Myanmar will be a fundamentally different country in five years, take the opportunity now to see it as it is now.

  • Yangon

    The British wanted Yangon (or Rangoon, as it was called by them) to be the crowning jewel of their empire. Since the country has recently opened up to more international travelers, there has been a gold rush of people to the country. Now that things have settled down it is the ideal time to visit and explore.

  • Bagan

    Ranked as one of the most inspiring sites in Southeast Asia, any trip to Myanmar must include a stop in Bagan. Across a the Bagan plain, more than 4,000 stupas, temples and monasteries were constructed between the 11th and the 13th centuries. A few more than half remain today for you to explore in wonder at the devotion and labor that went into their construction.

  • Inle Lake

    Possibly the most photographically picturesque destination in Myanmar, the Inle Lake preservation area is home to thousands of birds as well as a diverse and thriving human population. Explore the markets as the hill people come down to the lake to trade with the lake people, watch in wonder as people build their homes and trade on the water and relax at sunset with a glass of pinot noir from one of the areas wineries.

  • Myanmar Grand Slam

    Magnificent temples, remote villages, historic journeys, Colonial hill stations, glittering gold stupas, thousands of Pagodas, leg rowers and smiling faces are all waiting to be seen in South East Asia’s Golden land.

    In some ways, little has changed since the British colonial times where modern amenities in major centers are light years beyond the simple, inspiring countryside life. The contrast is staggering and residents’ perseverance simply amazing. A journey through this nation takes you places you never thought you’d see, and leaves you awestruck at the resolve of the human spirit.

    We’ll take you on an intimate exploration of the remote countryside, through to the pagodas of Bagan and finally the photographic haven of Inle lake. We’ll engage and learn from the Burmese people from floating villages to hill stations, and from markets to monuments. We invite you to come and discover the spirit and hidden corners of this nation on the move.

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