More than conical hats, spring rolls, bicycles and French architecture, Vietnam is quite possibly the most vibrant country in Asia.

Vietnam has it all: a rich history, delicious cuisine, friendly people, historic capitals, sleepy villages, energetic cities, gorgeous mountains and blissful beaches. Smiling Albino’s Vietnam trips are tailored by hand and are forever evolving to keep pace with a nation that’s continuously reinventing itself.

Vietnam is almost like three countries in one – the diversity from North to South and the juxtaposition of modern and medieval make for interesting experiences no matter where you go. By seeing Vietnam with Smiling Albino through back alleys and side doors, with unique characters and via our signature multi-transport modes of travel you will be breathless with the energy and eye-popping visuals on display.

While Vietnam doesn’t traditionally have a reputation for luxury, some of our finest and most luxurious experiences are delivered in this fascinating country.

  • Hanoi

    Hanoi, an enigma of a city where modern and medieval Asia meet. From lakeside dinners to streetside beers, Hanoi will keep you on the edge of the seat of your rickshaw.

  • Ha Long Bay

    Whether slipping past on an old junk or paddling yourself serenely in a kayak, the towering limestone karst mountains of Ha Long Bay never fail to impress a visitor. This UNESCO world heritage site is a must – visit on any trip to Vietnam.

  • Hue

    Buddhist monasteries, historic monuments and incredible vegetarian fare are all hallmarks of the imperial capital of Hue. Central Vietnam’s most interesting city, Hue offers a multitude of opportunities to explore both the city and your own preconceptions about Vietnamese life.

  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

    Vietnam’s largest city, with a bustling, hurried nine million inhabitants is not to be missed on any visit to Vietnam. From grand and historic old colonial buildings to a multitude of back alleys, side doors and unique characters that you will be introduced to, the old city of Saigon will never be the same to you once you’re done with it.

  • Hoi An

    Picturesque, quaint, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hoi An has become a popular tourist destination due to its efforts to preserve its unique historic architecture – a stunning mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and European styles. Besides the many nearby historical sights and monasteries, as well as former Viet Cong fishing villages, Hoi An offers a perfect base for bicycle, motor scooter and boat trips as well as day trips to Vietnam’s historical royal capital of Hue.

  • Vietnam Grand Slam

    Burning incense, mythical dragons, breakneck development, lush green rice fields, golden beaches, vibrant youth and cold war relics – all describe today’s Vietnam.

    Built by hand in true Smiling Albino fashion this exploration combines everything that has made our adventures famous: a cultural blend of stylish lodgings, great food, a multitude of activities, seamless transitions, supreme hosts and of course, big fun. This is the most comprehensive experience in Vietnam in less than two weeks.

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  • Vietnam Supreme Adventure

    We’ll explore the 1,000-year old capital, Hanoi, the highlands of Sapa and the supernatural islands and coves of Halong Bay. We’ll continue on with an active and cerebral journey through the classic heritage sights of Hue and Hoi An, followed by the frenetic energy of the commercial hub of Saigon and the fun Vespa trip to Mui Ne. Simply put – this is the ultimate Vietnam supreme experience!

    This 16 day north to south Vietnam program was designed to explore all the regions of this enigmatic country. With lots of activities and a variety of transportation options, this is a great and flexible way to discover this fabulous country on the move!

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