The most challenging part of our business is assembling the ideal team. From our office staff in Bangkok, to guides in Cambodia and porters in Nepal, these are the real stars of a Smiling Albino experience. But our team is more diverse than just the immediate members of our team. It’s also the owner of the noodle shop we’ve known for more than a decade, the hippie barkeep in the Golden Triangle that opens early (or closes late) for us and the key master at a remote jungle temple who grants us special access. Each person is a player in the orchestra who works in concert to create a special, seamless travel experience.

Founded in 1999 by Canadians Scott Coates and Daniel Fraser, we’ve gradually grown from our original base in Thailand to offer tours in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Nepal, bringing a unique travel experience to thousands of guests.

  • Daniel Fraser – Founder & Director

    In 1995 Daniel first came to Thailand from Canada at the invitation of the Thai Royal Family to teach at Chitralada Palace under the direction of HRH Princess Sirindhorn. Recognizing a need for travel experiences that go beyond the backpacking tradition the region was known for, Dan founded Smiling Albino in 1999. The name is a tribute to Fraser’s early beginnings in Thailand when he occasionally was offered the chance to feed sacred royal albino elephants. A natural host, his energy, fluency in the Thai language, local friendships and in-depth destination knowledge have since made Daniel into one of Thailand’s – and SE Asia’s – most recognized travel authorities and personalities. He is a well-known media figure in Thailand as the host of popular national TV series, Longrukyim, a Thai-language program investigating unique sides of Thai culture through the eyes of a resident expat. Dan is a regular presenter at tourism and community events in SE Asia, and splits his time between Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, often on a bicycle or motorbike.

  • Kornwika (Kae) Urai – Experience Design Manager

    Since 2009 she’s been a key member of our team. With a strong background in community development and volunteer tourism, Kae brings a wealth of creativity and planning skills to help making sure our trips run flawlessly! Her magical abilities include knowing when to oil the wheels before they squeak, convincing ornery people to allow special access and inspiring everyone to be at their peak performance 24/7.

    When not at work she can be found eating, thinking about eating, posting pictures of the food and drinks she’s about to eat – or reading a good book on her journey to somewhere new and exciting.

  • Kijja (Champ) Srinakklum – Experience Design Supervisor

    Champ’s a ton of fun to be around and adds a lot of life and spirit to our Bangkok office. A Bangkok native she’s a huge fan of all things Korean and has visited Korea a number of times. After graduating from the faculty of Communications Arts with a major in Advertising she decided to pursue her passion for travel and started working with a tour company in sales. Over the years she’s made trips throughout Thailand, her favorite destination so far being the island of Ko Phi Phi. She wants to travel all of Krabi province’s islands and one day hopes to make it to Prague to see its amazing architecture herself. Champ’s eye for detail and ability to brainstorm makes her a wonderful person to help design and manage your Smiling Albino adventure.

  • Andrew Clark - Marketing Mahout, Special Experience Designer

    Another uprooted Canadian, Andrew arrived in Thailand in 1989 where he worked in advertising before establishing his own regional marketing and branding company for the hospitality and travel industry. After a short 15 year hiatus opening and running Bangkok’s most acclaimed nightclub, he was enticed back into the real world by the fabulous team at Smiling Albino where he has put his extensive Asian experiences to good use.

    Much of Andrew’s free time is spent exploring new areas of Southeast Asia on his mountain bike, and telling us about it on social media.

  • Rochana (Yuiz) Bomprommaraj – Regional Operations Manager

    Born and raised in NE Thailand’s province of Korat, Yuiz has a ton of skills, great smile and a wonderful attitude that makes her a favorite in our office. The youngest of three sisters she grew up farming rice with her parents before heading to Bangkok to take on highschool. She stayed on in the City of Angels completing a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, graduating in 2010 and joining Smiling Albino in 2011. Her eye for detail and research skills makes her an asset.

    When not at work, Yuiz can be found planning her next great adventure.

  • Suphawan (Gift) Phoklad – Experience Designer

    “Happiness is all around”

    Born and raised in West Thailand’s province of Ratchaburi, Gift has a great smile and a wonderful attitude. Her happiness and words easily make people around her laugh out loud. With her creativity and ability to anticipate what makes customers happy, Gift is a key person who helps creating great adventures for our clients.

    Gift has a dream of exploring the world and loves to go to the places that offer nice landscapes. Next on her shortlist is Japan. Gift wants to see its amazing culture with her own eyes.

  • Naruemon (Kwan) Nokprom - Experience Designer

    Kwan is from Isaan in northeastern Thailand, a place where the local dialect has more similarities to Laotian than Thai. Her passions are documentary films with a focus on various cultures, particularly Southeast Asian. When she’s not playing her ukulele or local Thai musical instruments, you can find Kwan studying the history and culture of Thailand's neighboring countries, or travelling there with friends!

  • Apichat (Boy) Khongkaeo - Experience Designer

    Boy’s first foray into the travel industry was working at Phuket’s most luxurious hotel. A traveler not a tourist, from southern Thailand, he now resides up here in the Thai capital city of Bangkok. A Flashpacker at heart, Boy’s mission is searching for new places on the world map, and his passion for travel transcends to the creative itineraries he designs for people to go and see with their own eyes! When not planning other peoples trips he can be found with a backpack exploring new and strange places, which is usually in the unseen corners of China. After English and Thai, Chinese is his third tongue, and we think he has a certified case of China Mania.

  • Nick Butler – Cambodian Adventurer

    If it’s hidden in the Cambodian countryside, Nick Butler has probably visited it, whether by foot, bike, kayak, four-wheel drive or helicopter. An expert in the flora, fauna, and water ecology of Cambodia, Nick gets his energy and inspiration from the forests, lakes, plains and wildlife of his adopted home.

    Nick is part of a small group of Angkor specialists who have worked hard to reveal the secrets behind the rise and fall of the Angkor Kingdom. He can provide some pretty interesting first-hand insights into the ancient reservoirs constructed by Angkorian engineers, clearing jungle vines from 1,000-year old ruins, going over waterfalls in a kayak or pioneering new cycling routes in the hills overlooking Angkor. Since he first moved to Cambodia in 2006, Nick has and continues to develop eco-tourism projects with Conservation International, the Cambodian Ministry of Environment as well as the Sam Veasna Center, in addition to heading up all things Cambodian for Smiling Albino.

  • Nguyen Kim Nhung – Country Manager, Vietnam

    Hanoi native Nhung graduated from the Vietnam National University, Faculty of Tourism. She caught the travel bug early in life, spurred on by her love of history and culture. With over a decade of operations experience in the travel industry and her amazing knowledge of her own country, she was a natural choice to head up Smiling Albino’s Vietnam operations.

    When Nhung has time off from her energetic and enthusiastic travel planning, she loves cooking for her family while dreaming of travelling around the globe.

  • Mads Mathiasen – Lead Adventure Host (Nepal)

    Born in Denmark with an unbroken lineage to the Vikings, Mads wasn’t the most likely person to become a mountain man of the Himalayas. After high school he spent a year traveling South Africa, then continued to Asia and fell in love with Nepal. What was to be a one-year trip turned into a new life and adopted home. He began his career as a mountain bike and hiking guide in the Kathmandu valley and the years flew by. Soon he found himself guiding and arranging trips across the Himalayas from Ladakh to Bhutan revelling in meeting local people and learning about their cultures. A veteran in the adventure travel business he has organized and led trips in Turkey, Morocco, Tibet, India, Cambodia and Sri Lanka but Nepal remains his true love, where he spends his time trekking, biking and guiding people through Kathmandu’s narrow alleys.

  • Reakmey (Barang) Chin – Adventure Host (Cambodia)

    The son of farmers, Barang looks more like a foreigner than a Cambodian, always has a funky hairstyle and seems more suited to entertaining on stage than guiding. But a great guide he is, having hosted travelers from around the world since 1999. Extremely passionate about his country’s history, especially Angkor Wat’s temples, he can answer almost anything you could want to know about this fascinating area and then some. An accomplished singer, he has competed nationally on Cambodian television several times, winning numerous titles. He attributes these victories to having the total package: voice, looks and moves. He is indeed the total package as you will quickly learn during your time exploring with him.

  • Ra – Adventure Host (Cambodia)

    Ra completed tour guide training in 2007 and worked as a freelance guide. It wasn’t easy, he had to start as a driver and now is one of the few guides who have a license to take guests throughout Cambodia… and he taught himself to speak German.

    “Time flies so fast. It took me over 10 years, but I still love what I am doing. Of course, I would always like to best serve my clients and make sure that everything is alright but in between time I’m getting married and look forward to having a family.

    “My ambition is to take guests away from Siem Reap to the countryside and introduce them to local people. Explain their daily life and develop other places so they too can benefit from tourism.

    My hobbies are football and the gym. I like reading about Cambodian history also novels like Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens.

  • Rajesh Dharel – Adventure Host (Nepal)

    Born in the Ganesh Himal region of Nepal, Rajesh moved to Kathmandu to attend secondary school. Upon graduation he worked as a porter, hauling heavy loads for tourists during treks to earn money and gain experience in tourism. After a few years he graduated to porter manager and then to the position of guide on mountain treks. A natural with people and popular among his peers, he quickly ascended through the ranks and soon was leading treks in the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang regions. After gaining experience in this arena he moved on to leading more sophisticated camping trips to lesser-visited regions of the country. His smile, wonderful sense of hospitality and love of singing Nepali folk songs during treks is sure to quickly make you a fan.

  • Nguyen Duc “Hank” Hanh – Adventure Host (Vietnam)

    Hank was born in a small village about 30 miles away from HanJoi. He went to Hanoi for university and then settled down in this city after marriage. Hank holds two bachelor degrees in hospitality & English.

    With a great passion for traveling, meeting people and the love of his country, Hank has been working as a guide for more than 10 years hosting guests for their travel experiences throughout Vietnam.

    Hank is dynamic and active. He loves traveling, meeting and learning from people From around the world. He has traveled to most countries in Southeast Asia, some Asian countries and America. Australia & Paris are on his list to visit next!

  • Le Lam – Adventure Host (Vietnam)

    Lam loves traveling at street-level, sharing secret nooks and crannies with his guests and introducing them to what he calls, the real Vietnam. Originally from north-central Vietnam, he started as a guide in 1999 and has gone on to become one of the country’s premier hosts. A cycling fanatic, Lam is the proud father of two children, and relishes in the memories of his trip to America. After all his travels and in-depth knowledge of his nation, he still loves the simple things. One of his favourite activities is watching it all go by while drinking Bia Hoi (draft beer) and nibbling on authentic dishes at small street-side restaurants. Be sure to join him!

  • Pech Vuthy – Adventure Host (Cambodia)

    A native of Cambodia’s Siem Reap province, home to the temples of Angkor, Vuthy is one of the country’s top hosts. With great English skills, a witty sense of humor and the talent to share history in a comprehensive yet digestible manner, seeing Angkor Wat with him is a top experience. A proud father of two children, loving husband and cycling enthusiast, Vuthy is one of our top Cambodian hosts.

  • Pissanu (Tu) Dangthongdee – Adventure Host (Thailand)

    A master host, Tu’s been a guide almost longer than he can remember. Originally from Pichit province (about five hours north of Bangkok) he’s been living in the Big Mango for many years and is a seasoned expert in all its nooks, crannies and sites. He loves hidden gems and in Bangkok one of his favorites is an interesting Hindu temple on Silom Road which he likes taking guests to when they’re in the area. Stonehenge in Great Britain is his dream destination, but for now he’s very happy to host guests, showing them the magic of his incredible kingdom.

  • Chanakarn (Eak) Akkarapakorn – Adventure Host (Northern Thailand)

    Easily one of Thailand’s top guides, Eak’s English is impeccable, he’s knowledge rich and has a great sense of adventure. Born in Mae Ai, a small town along the Thai-Myanmar border in Chiang Mai province, he began his career in tourism as a porter on treks. He worked his way up to guide, took a guide course and the rest as they say is history. He lived in Australia for a couple years, is a dedicated father of two and loves nothing more than showing visitors hidden corners of his country. Be sure to ask him to show you how to make things from natural items found in the jungle.

  • Ms. Wanida (Ann) Woraphat – Adventure Host (Thailand)

    Wanida Woraphat, more affectionately referred to by her nickname Ann, grew up in Thailand’s northern-most province of Chiang Rai. She attended university in Chiang Mai where she earned a bachelor degree major in English and minor in tourism. Ann now lives in Bangkok where she has worked as a guide since 2000. Traveling has always appealed to her and when she has time off she loves to explore new destinations. If you end up in a Karaoke bar with her after an excursion, you’ll also find out she loves music and singing.

  • Mrs. Chanantrat Putkham (Aor/Nadia) – Adventure Host (Thailand)

    Aor always wanted to be a tourist guide since she was six years old, and decided to study the tourism industry at university to achieve this dream. She lived in Australia for several years to gain international experiences, and moved back to Thailand seven years ago, starting her guiding career a few years later. She loves sharing stories about Thailand with her guests and friends.

  • Saksit (Chang) Nonsrimuang – Transportation (Thailand)

    Truly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, anywhere, Chang has a captivating smile, incredible sense of humor and is the consummate host. The youngest of eight children, he grew up in Thailand’s northeastern province of Korat, moved to Chiang Mai after Grade 6, then his life took an interesting turn; he became a novice monk for five years, during which time he learned to read/write Pali, an ancient Sanskrit text. During his early adult years he spent eight years leading jungle treks, then drove large tour buses for five years, purchased his own minivan in 2001 and has been his own one-man-show ever since. If you’re fortunate enough to spend time with Chang you’re bound to be talking about him for years to come. He’s truly one of a kind.

  • Vaikoon (Tee) Kamchana – Adventure Host (Thailand)

    A true athlete, Tee is one of Thailand’s top amateur cyclists and an all around gentlemen. He grew up in Chonburi province near the Gulf of Thailand, then came to Bangkok in 2001 to study at the Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. Since graduating he’s regularly been recognized by guests and peers as one of the country’s top guides, winning a Tourism Guide Award in 2008 from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. When not hosting guests he can be found winning cycling races like the King of the Mountains race and training for marathons which he not only hopes to complete, but win.

  • Trevor Ranges – Adventure Host (Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam)

    What do you get when you blend surfing with writing and travel? A top-notch Adventure Host named Trevor. Raised in Hawaii, mostly on waves, he originally headed to the Far East to teach high-level university entrance exam techniques with the Princeton Review. After doing multiple stints in South Korea and Thailand he pursued writing more seriously contributing for many years to the Fodor’s Thailand and Laos guidebooks. Here and there he stepped back into education, most recently as a professor at Bangkok’s prestigious Thammasat University. His love for travel saw him work on the third edition of the National Geographic Traveler Thailand book and head-up the first edition of their Cambodia guidebook – one of his proudest achievements. A regular contributor to publications abroad, consultant to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, accomplished tennis player and rock climber, Trevor’s always up for a good time, diving into the unknown and is sure to bring a ton of fun and insight to your travels.

  • Buntha Chheang – Adventure Host (Cambodia)

    Buntha was born in a Khmer Rouge Refugee Camp in Thailand. His family moved back to Siem Reap after the civil war in 1992. He studied for 4 years at The Royal University of Phnom Penh living in a temple with the monks. His first job was with an NGO working on income generation for poor people living in the floating village of Prek Toal, where he met his wife Veasna. He was responsible for developing and strengthening The Water Hyacinth Handicraft and Community-Based Tourism Project, “It made me very proud of myself” said Buntha “I’ve been working as an adventure guide for Smiling Albino Cambodia since 2013; I’m really passionate about adventure trips that we offer to our guests. I’m very pleased that I have the opportunity to talk and share my experience as well as Cambodian history, culture and its beauty.”

  • Kot Lors (Lors) – Adventure Host (Cambodia)

    Lors was born in a small village about 50km to the North of Siem Reap. He left his parents in 2005 to go to high school then found a job as a Sky Ranger for a Zip line company in Angkor Park for three years. If you love to be active, Lors is the guide you need.

    “From that time I started to love adventure and outdoor activities. My daily favorite thing to do is working out in the gym and this is where I have been making a lot of friends especially, it is where I first met Nick Butler - Director of Smiling Albino. In my free time I love cycling and trekking in the countryside.”

  • Van (Sophoan) Sopheat – Transportation (Cambodia)

    Sophoan’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Born and raised in Siem Reap province, he’s had an interesting life. In the 1990s he moved to Thailand to avoid the war in his country and worked in construction, picking up Thai language along the way. We met him in 2006 while exploring the temples of Angkor, chatted in Thai, and have been fast-friends since. Happily married with three daughters, Sophoan drives his ramork (Cambodian tuk-tuk) with pride, and lends much more to a trip than just driving, often checking out temples with guests, and offering tasty drinks and snacks along the way. He’s also the main driver for our Angkor Hospital for Children Tuk-Tuk Program, shuttling sick kids to/from the hospital 10 days-per-month. We’re sure you’ll agree he’s an all-around star!)

  • Thawisong (Song) Sitthiwong – Transportation (Thailand)

    Born in Chiang Rai province, Song has spent his life driving the northern part of Thailand and knows every nook and cranny of its far reaches. The father of two children, he has been married since 1992 and lives at Chiang Saen, a small city in Chiang Rai province. Known as Mr. Reliable, he’s always early, ready for the job and goes above and beyond to make every trip perfect. Not only a driver, Song often joins guests for hikes, dinner, rafting and whatever else is on offer.

  • Clare Smith – Adventure Host (Nepal)

    A self-described simple farm girl from rural Australia, Clare was the last person you’d expect to end up working in an international capacity. She grew up riding horses, chasing sheep and cattle and living the outback life. After tripping over a few careers she took a huge leap and accepted a community development job in Nepal in 2002 for a taste of something truly different. It was during this time she met a young Danish man who was firmly attached to the country and stole her heart, making returning home tough. After a couple years back in her native land she finagled a way to move back to Nepal and is firming planted in her adopted home. Clare loves sharing this fascinating country with guests, devotes a good portion of her time to community work and is the consummate host – sure to leave you smiling!

  • Vireak Soung – Adventure Host (Cambodia)Vireak Soung – Adventure Host (Cambodia)

    Vireak saw tourism as a way to a better life and grabbed hold of it. Since 2000 he’s been working hard, developing his language skills, learning about foreigners, studying his country’s history and is now one of Cambodia’s premier hosts. His flawless English, cool wit and ability to explain complicated history is truly remarkable. He’s sure to bring a special shine to your trip and provide rare insight into Cambodian culture.

  • Thanongsak (Sam) Dechasungnuen – Adventure Host (Northern Thailand)

    Hailing from Thailand’s far northeast, Sam settled in Chiang Mai in the mid-80s in search of work. His tourism career started at a guesthouse where he became friends with several guides who introduced him to the trade. He began leading treks for backpackers and gradually climbed the guiding chain, now holding the title of one of the north’s top hosts. An expert of all things Thai, Sam still enjoys spending time in the jungle as much as he does visiting key sites and being in the city. An avid gardener, farmer and outdoor enthusiast, your time with Sam will be rich beyond belief.

  • Charrun (Berm) Sommano – Adventure Host (Northern Thailand)

    A native of Chiang Mai province, Berm was born and raised in the small town of Mae Ai right along the Thai-Myanmar border. While growing up he saw backpackers come through his town, sometimes spending the night, and became curious about these travelers. Over the years he got to know guides leading trips, tried to help out where he could then made the plunge himself, enrolling in a guide course. With a beaming smile, great sense of humor and fantastic English skills Berm will add a ton of depth to your Thai experience. Enjoy a trip with him before he opens his dream Thai restaurant.

  • Bang-on (Kob) Kachonsiitinoppakun – Adventure Host (Thailand)

    Kob’s a veteran host and one of Central Thailand’s best. Born and bred in Chonburi province, just south of Bangkok, she was first attracted to guiding while visiting the famed Grand Palace when very young. She overheard a guide explaining a portion of the Ramayana to some tourists, a Thai epic her grandmother had told her at bedtime when she was a kid, and decided this was the career for her. She loves Thai locations that have yet to be changed by too much by technology like Nan and Trang provinces. Her dream trip is to Europe with her daughter, being particularly interested in Rome and Florence.

  • Nanapat (Dao) Sansuk – Adventure Host (Thailand)))

    if you ask Dao, she’ll say that Bangkok is her place, it is where she grew up. She honed her English skills working as a personal assistant for an expat, then after spending half of a year in America, she decided her passion was to show travelers the Thai way of life. Her passion is travel, and she uses every spare moment she has to see new places. She has been to over 70 provinces in Thailand alone, and would love to show you Bangkok from an insider’s perspective. She knows all the secret corners and where to find the best food!

  • Chan Maokwang – Adventure Host (Northern Thailand))

    Born in Doi Tao, a small village in Chiang Mai province, Chan’s loved the outdoors as long as he can remember. As a child, with four older brothers, he played in the countryside and soaked in as much fresh air as he could. As he became older he met some guides and realized this job was a great way to learn English, meet people from around the world and try a career far from what is offered in the countryside. He’s never looked back and has become a top host, sharing his intimate knowledge of all things Thai and special elements of northern culture and life with visitors. This boy from the country one day hopes to visit the United States.

  • Khoa Nguyen – Adventure Host (Vietnam))

    Khoa has been guiding for more than 13 years and is the perfect host for our clients with his insider access to the psyche of the western traveller – he is happily married to his English wife. Originally from the Mekong Delta, he spent his childhood cycling, enjoying the calmer pace of life, views and wildlife from the rice bowl of Vietnam. Khoa has two young daughters, and in true southern style he lives with his extended family in a suburb of Saigon. He is personable, and has a knack for finding unique interactive experiences for guests along the way. His favourite tours are foodie or multi transport style adventures or anything that shows how the Vietnamese live their everyday lives. He’s the perfect mate to discuss past and present Vietnam. Be sure to let him show you where all the great local food and coffee hides in the city.

  • Dat – Adventure Host (Vietnam))

    Dat was born in Hanoi and is an Old Quarter man. He was born in a family that has generations living in the Old “tube” houses of Hanoi. He is an exciting & interesting travel mate and has been a guide for more than 5 years. Dat is funny and friendly and loves to show you and insiders perspective of his city.

  • Vien – Adventure Host (Vietnam))

    Vien was born in Danang, and has had a great focus on education from an early age. He is fluent Cantonese and English from his passion and curiosity for study, and is our head guide in the central region of Vietnam. Vien has a near encyclopedic knowledge of all things Vietnamese, and is constantly seeking out fun and unique experiences in the countryside. Ask him anything about weird local customs, traffic laws or the interesting religion of Ancestral Worship, to the differences between Northern and Southern Vietnamese lifestyle for a central Vietnam perspective.

  • Susanna Kuipers – Advisor

    Never one to take a day off, if Sue isn’t planning where to go and what to do next she’s probably already there doing it. Her love of travel stemmed from the stories her father told about his adventures behind the Iron Curtain and SE Asia in the 60s. After 12 years in commercial and personal insurance, she moved to Thailand for one year with her husband Todd. They traveled a ton in the region and helped Smiling Albino grow. Following her return to Canada she had two children, who now keep her constantly moving and increase the challenge of maintaining a regular travel and vacation agenda. She also consults as an Implementation Manager for insurance industry software (Policy Works Inc.) and helps to support Smiling Albino as we grow and aim to be the best adventure travel option out there!)

  • Derek van Pelt – Director/Advisor

    Adventurous from birth, Derek has always had a degree of wanderlust, which led him to come to Thailand in 1997 to work for the Thai Royal Family at Chitralada School. He was soon hooked on all things Thai and decided the country would be his new permanent home. A stalwart supporter of Smiling Albino from the very first day, he’s honored to be part of the experience, consistently offering advice and out-of-the-box ideas to make our adventures the best out there. Derek enjoys running, mountain biking, riding his motorcycle throughout the region and piloting light aircraft.

  • David Long – Director/Advisor

    Having traveled to almost every province in Thailand during his 20+ years living in the kingdom, David has done what most other foreigners haven’t… lived in Thailand for more than 20 years! An expert in the field of education, he operates a well-known Thai language program for foreigners, has directed volunteer programs and schools and consulted on a myriad of other projects. Among his many interests is Smiling Albino – always on call for Board meetings, golf and meetings at local pubs to explore the many interesting ideas we didn’t quite get to during the last meeting. A truly balanced individual, David brings an international and local perspective to the table and is an invaluable source on all things Thai.

  • Todd Kuipers – Director/Advisor

    A closet traveler, Todd believes in traveling globally and visiting locally – going most anywhere in the world to see what happens at street-level. His many past jaunts were stuffed, sometimes too illiberally, in between stints as founder of technology companies, beer journalist, software designer, petroleum economist, tactical problem solver, researcher and habitual manipulator of the English language. He provides Smiling Albino with direction, support, design and is the token curmudgeonly chap that asks the tough questions and constantly suggests moving the work to the bar. He currently spends his free time with his kids Gus and Marijka.

  • Holly Monahan – Travel Advisor and Consultant, SE Asia

    Holly Monahan is currently on Travel + Leisure Magazine’s A-List as a Thailand expert, and has been a long-time travel advisor and consultant for Smiling Albino. She’s lived in Bangkok, and has worked and travelled extensively throughout Asia, so her travel expertise extends across the continent. Originally from the United States, where she lived in New York for many years, she has also lived in London, Berlin, Dublin, and Barcelona. She now calls Singapore home, and takes full advantage of being a short plane trip away from her favorite spots in Southeast Asia, and having a steady supply of fresh mangosteens. While traveling, Holly enjoys scouting vegan street food (Kanom Krok!) and befriending street cats.

    Her interest in travel has an academic side, too, as she wrote her thesis on sustainable tourism development for her master’s degree in International Relations. Smiling Albino has been working closely with Holly for a decade and counting!

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