Still no plans for this winter’s holiday season? How about Christmas in Myanmar?

Magnificent temples, remote villages, colonial hill stations, glittering gold stupas, thousands of pagodas, leg rowers, historic journeys and smiling faces are all waiting for you in Southeast Asia’s Golden land.

In many ways, little has changed since the British colonial times where modern amenities in major centers are light years beyond the simple, inspiring countryside life. The contrast is staggering and residents’ perseverance simply amazing. A journey through this nation takes you places you never thought you’d see, and leaves you awestruck at the resolve of the human spirit.

We’ll take you on an intimate journey through the remote countryside, visiting the pagodas of Bagan and the photographic haven of Inle lake. We’ll engage and learn from the Burmese people in floating villages and hill stations, and make new discoveries from markets to monuments. We invite you to come and discover the spirit and hidden corners of this nation on the move.

Join our twelve-day Myanmar Grand Slam trip starting in Yangon December 24, 2015. The detailed itinerary can be found here.

Smiling Albino founder and Adventure Expert, Daniel Fraser, took some quick video clips on his recent off-season survey and captured some in-between “take it all in” moments when not biking or hiking. The skies will be blue and the temperatures perfect during December and January. Highlights included, Bagan, Hsipaw, the Goteik Viaduct, and Inle Lake – This is just a taste of what’s included in our Myanmar Grand Slam!

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