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We don’t outsource your holiday to others. Instead, we personally scout every area, eat at each restaurant, source and train every guide and host, sleep in every hotel bed, ride the bikes, board the boats and scratch the elephants, ensuring every experience is highly original, well thought out, oozing value, and most importantly a trip we’d take our friends and families on. 

We micro-manage each part, all the way through, ensuring a world-class travel experience.

these are our promises

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Magical Experiences

Smiling Albino strives to consistently over-deliver on everything we do and to continually improve our adventures, even while you’re on them.

World Class Eats

Food is a major highlight of all trips. From the hidden food stalls to the best restaurants. We always make sure you are well (and tastily) fed.

Expert Knowledge

We’ll share with you an unmatched level of knowledge and insight into local culture, language and history.

Uniquely Yours​

Each and every trip is an original, packed full of stories and experiences that are totally unique.

Our Priority is YOU

We make all trip decisions with your best interests, including safety and comfort, in mind.

Most Guide, We Host

We provide a level of hosting unparalleled in the travel industry.

I used Smiling Albino to plan and execute our honeymoon and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My wife had planned our spectacular wedding and since we are extremely competitive (in the best way) the honeymoon was my opportunity to win the year. I wanted it to be the trip of a lifetime. Our honeymoon was epic. 


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who we are

our people

The most challenging part of our business is assembling the ideal team. From our office staff in Bangkok, to guides in Cambodia and porters in Nepal, these are the real stars of a Smiling Albino experience. But our team is more diverse than just the immediate members of our team. 

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Whether you’re the most seasoned nomad or are just beginning to dabble in travel, Smiling Albino will make your next journey a true adventure. Experience Asia with us once, and you’ll want to come back for more.

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why smiling albino?


Travel runs through our veins. We know the value of a life-changing experience (since many of us have had them) and are eager to share those moments with our guests from around the world.


We've been doing this for a long time. With hundreds of years of collective experience, our team has been to the places, slept in the beds and eaten at the restaurants. It's how we know exactly where you should go.


While most of the world turns digital, we value personal connections. Whether it's picking up the phone or asking the extra questions that really help us get to know you, we aim to show you just how "real" we are.