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What's with the name?

Smiling Albino

We chose the name Smiling Albino out of reference to the sacred legacy that albino elephants have here in Southeast Asia. Hindu/Buddhist albino elephants are symbols of all that is great and majestic in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. In fact, this dates back thousands of years to a Hindu belief that an albino elephant came down from the heavens visited Maya, the great Buddha‘s mother, enabling her to have the prince who became the Lord Buddha, who set forth the change in in the spiritual direction of millions of people.

Smiling Albino was born in Thailand, a country often referred to as the Land of Smiles after its endearingly friendly and hospitable population. Additionally, our founder, Daniel Fraser, has a unique personal history in Southeast Asia that ties in to the story of the Albino elephant. During the mid-1990’s, Daniel was fortunate to have an opportunity to work in the Royal Chitralada Palace in Bangkok, the living foundation of the monarch, who is the holy custodian of the sacred albino elephants. 

We have since grown to host adventures in many countries and our name still reflects the reverence that people in the region accord white elephants. The Smiling Albino logo, has recently been updated, featuring an auspicious, stylized, white elephant set within a saffron-colored crest, was designed to establish a sense of fun and intrigue – core components of a Smiling Albino adventure.



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