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Even the most hardened cynic will be stunned by the beauty of the moments on offer in Nepal – truly the place on earth with the most jaw-drops per hour.

Nepal is, in a word, inspirational. Simply experiencing Nepal is a life changing accomplishment.

The rooftop of the world, Nepal is awe-inspiring to all who visit. From the greenest backpacker to the most seasoned luxury traveler, you will be moved and inspired to cycle faster, hike further and climb higher than you expected you would. The environment seems expressly designed to nourish and cleanse one’s soul.

From comfortable hamlets with incredible cuisine and luxurious surroundings to breakfast views that will make you want to go to bed just so you can wake up to them again, Nepal has a majesty unparalleled anywhere else on earth. As the people you interact with to go about their daily lives in as challenging and inhospitable environment as they do, you will leave Nepal a changed person.

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Get ready for a truly exclusive day that only Smiling Albino can pull off – exploring Kathmandu’s perennial sites perched on the back of classic Royal Enfield motorcycles. You’ll have one of the city’s best drivers chauffeur you pillion-style, so you can sit back, take in the sights and smells, while locals envy your ride (a van option exists for those who do not want to ride on a motorcycle).

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Most tourists stay in Pokhara or environs for a day or two to relax along the lake, but the main reason to go there is that it’s the starting point for treks into the Himalaya – you can see the Annapurna range from town on a clear day.

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This impressive town is worth a day trip from Kathmandu to see the countryside and beautiful architecture (several hundred years old). Arrive early in the morning to see the sun rise over the mountains. It’s possible to go on a locally organized short trek (three hours or more). The region around Dhulikel offers good training for longer treks. 20 mi/30 km east of Kathmandu.

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This major tourist area in the southern lowlands (called the Terai), is a world apart from the mountainous region – hot, humid and often quite lush. It’s home to tigers, leopard, rhinos, crocodiles, deer, boar, monkeys and more than 400 species of birds.

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If you think Nepal isn’t the place for the discerning luxury traveller, think again. We are happy to design and tailor the perfect experience for you and your friends or family if you choose to visit Nepal.


Not just for the true adventure traveler – event the most hardened cynic will be stunned by the beauty of the moment when visiting this incredible and one-of-a-kind country.


Our bespoke Nepal tours are crafted with the finest ingredients: incredible locales, delectable food, charming hotels, comfy full-service trekking, an array of activities and top-notch hosts, creating an experience that will dazzle your senses.


From plains at 71m to the highest point on earth at 8,850 m, Nepal is one of the planet’s great adventure hotspots White water raft, trek quiet mountain paths and enjoy the country’s premier lake as the Himalayas tower above

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Our creative itineraries are sure to dazzle the most discerning traveller and leave you remembering your time in the Nepal for years to come.