You might not be a crazy rich Asian, but you can act like one.

If you’re one of those who pay attention to the global box office, you may have heard of the recent smash hit movie Crazy Rich Asians. It’s actually a fairly important movie, because it’s the first major Hollywood film with an all-Asian cast since the Joy Luck Club in 1993. But it’s also notable for showing just how crazy rich some people in Asia are.

For most of us, the life of Ferraris, gated compounds, helicopters, and glitzy VIP shindigs is not something we live every day… but if you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia and you want to spend a bit extra to spoil yourself – we can make your trip a crazy rich Asian adventure!

For instance, it’s pretty easy to arrange a private dinner in Bangkok, but how about a private dinner on the helipad of one of the city’s tallest buildings? Being able to stroll around between courses and gaze across the city from 500 feet up is a great feeling. But why stop there? Before dinner, you can extend the theme with a helicopter tour of the city before landing beside your dining table.

If you’d prefer to keep your adventure closer to ground level, we can arrange a private champagne cruise at sunset on the Chao Phraya River before, after, or during any leg of a city tour. Talk about a nice way to break things up! Getting a private explanation of some of the city’s best landmarks by one of the city’s most notable experts while you glide by sipping bubbly ain’t a bad way to do things.

One of those riverside landmark temples catch your fancy but you don’t do crowds? No worries, for a generous donation to the temple maintenance fund, we can arrange for an exclusive private temple visit.

And that’s just Bangkok. Smiling Albino can arrange inside access and special moments throughout Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Private tours and access to places that other visitors can’t go is one of the perks of making friendships with all kinds of folks over the past 20 years. You say we’re out drinking with friends; we say we’re maintaining friendships that let us do cool stuff.

Food tours are big right now, but most are cookie-cutter affairs for groups that are, by nature, fairly chaotic. How about your own tour that goes at your pace, privately hosted and chauffeured around the city to food spots that are way off the tourist trail, but are known to locals as some of the best street food in the city. We can also arrange private blessings by senior monks, after-hours gallery viewings, and one-on-one dinners with some of the region’s most notable architects, designers, historians, and artists.

After all, this trip is all about you and your unique interests. Southeast Asia offers everything to everyone, but one of the truths we’ve learned in over 20 years of living here is that the cost-to-benefit ratio of paying a bit more for a unique experience is far higher than in many other places.

If you ask the right people for the right options, your trip here won’t just be one you remember – it can be the one that all future trips are measured against!