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What Does Private Luxury Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia Cost?

june 2022

Smiling Albino is the preeminent provider of tailor-made, boutique travel experiences in Southeast Asia. Nothing is pre-made or off-the-shelf. Every trip we build and deliver is as novel as the customers who enjoy them. 

The exceedingly smart, experienced and versatile team at Smiling Albino understands the finely balanced choreography our brand of travel requires – from our experience designers, specialized guides and ground staff, to the decorator of a private train car, or the sommelier making choices for a post hike wind down. Our clients are hosted, pampered – and when desired, challenged.

But, one of the common questions we get during an initial inquiry is: what’s the cost of a private adventure in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other areas Smiling Albino services in Asia?

The simple answer: our private, tailored one-day experiences start at $230US per person per day. Our multi-day trips start at $345US per person per day and range to hundreds of thousands for otherwise impossible experiences.


"Each experience is as unique as the people we craft them for."

Where does luxury start in SE Asia?

Our private, multi-day luxury experiences start at $350US per person per day. We begin by intimately understanding what you’d like to see and do, and create a seamless adventure. We take you to and from the airport, bring you to our favorite restaurants and haunts, know when and where to take just the right detour, and make sure you’re hosted by the brightest, most interesting guides the region offers.

There’s no corner-cutting, no guesswork, no missing details. Our team knows when to adjust, and you’ll never know something unusual is happening except when it’s intentional.

You’ll love the accommodations we provide. At this level we choose the most ideal boutique hotels. They’re unique in the region and understand the experience we need to provide to our guests. A sample of our hotels at this level include:

Phu Chai Sai Resort and Spa – Chiang Rai, Thailand

Tamarind Village – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hotel Muse or Ariyasom Villa – Bangkok, Thailand

Jaya House River Park Hotel or Viroth’s Hotel – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hanoi Pearl Hotel – Hanoi, Vietnam

Little Riverside or Victoria – Hoi An, Vietnam

Elevated Luxury

If you’d like to take things up a notch we curate additional experiences and amenities in the $450 to $950US per person per day range. Here we include dinners at distinctive cafes and Michelin-starred restaurants, provide access to our curated, and often unlisted venues, and build in services like fast track airport immigration. Accommodations are elevated suites in our boutique hotels through to rooms at iconic hotels like the Mandarin Oriental or Four Seasons. 

Refined Luxury

When refined luxury is what you’re looking for, Smiling Albino provides experiences with access to stunning private venues, and evenings with notable artisans, academics and celebrities. Add in 24-hour concierge services, chef’s-table dinners, luxury vehicles on standby, and private helicopter flights or yacht access – along with gourmet picnics in surreal hidden locations. Guests should expect to invest $1,150 to $5,750 per person per day for this level of experience, depending on the mix of services.

Unique Luxury

When you’re looking for unique (outside of a Bond film), life-altering experiences, Smiling Albino creates journeys other providers find utterly improbable if not completely impossible.

We recently hosted a three-day epic for three to a remote part of Thailand’s Isaan. We choreographed a marine-police guided jet-ski run along the Mekong river to an intimate evening in a Thai royal villa. Helicopter hops connected expertly guided cycling to remote historical and geographical locations. Subtly grand touches were added like picnics hosted in postcard locations, evening meals set and served by an entire village, and an opportunity for private patronage of regional theater and dance troupes – along with the world’s best gin and tonics.

Trips similar to this cost $23,000 to $46,000US per day, and often involve private flights, security detail, advance teams, and other extended services. Gin and tonics included, of course.

How do costs differ?

Boutique and luxury hotel properties in SE Asia often price lower than in Europe, North America and Africa, while signature suites are often similar in price. Villas and private residences can provide excellent value in the right location. 

The region is justifiably known for its incredible dining value. The range of prices for meals is much wider in SE Asia, especially on the lower end. That said, exclusive meals with luxury touches can easily match prices seen in large international cities.

Transportation is also excellent value, but prices for a pair of Range Rovers for a week can cost more than in Vancouver or Manhattan. Services like helicopter access, or a security detail can be significantly more expensive given availability in the region. 

When will you see design fees? 

Our knowledge of the region almost always allows us to create ideal experiences without additional research. Typically we do not charge for design services unless something unique, requiring significant discovery is requested. When research is required we will be transparent about the effort and costs to ensure mutual commitment and accountability. 

What does this all mean?

You’ve read this far, and are probably now thinking, “Cool. Great stuff. Get to the point.” 

All the fabulous options described above show how flexible Smiling Albino can be. We understand your cost expectations and will build an unforgettable experience with all the right components, whether you’re a young honeymoon couple, or a business legend looking for a moon shot.

So, think about what matters to you for your coming adventure. Unique accommodations, or a once in a lifetime experience that no one has ever done before? Building a supreme glamping site in the middle of the forest to leave for local community improvement, or testing yourself on a dolomite-grade cycling ride? Celebrating local culture and leaving a lasting impression on you and the communities you visit, or fulfilling your dream of working on an archaeological dig? 

We are here to make your holiday adventure a dream of a lifetime, and we know together we’ll have a ton of fun doing it. 

Some trip ideas to get you thinking:

  • 16 Days
  • Boutique, family of 4
  • Shoulder Season
  • 310 USD pp/day, 19,550 USD net
  • 18 Days
  • Boutique, adventure
  • Low Season
  • $345 USD pp/day, $13,800 net
  • 17 Days
  • Family of 4 – mix of luxury and boutique
  • Shoulder Season
  • $475 USD pp/day, $32,200 net
  • 16 Days
  • Boutique luxury 5-star
  • Low Season
  • $485 USD pp/day, $21,105 net
  • 14 Days
  • Honeymoon. Mostly lux
  • Shoulder Season
  • $750 USD pp/day, $18,350 net
  • 3 Days
  • 3 friends. Private events, helicopter sightseeing
  • Low Season
  • $14,100 USD pp/day, $126,500 net

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