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Culinary Adventure: Phuket Old Town Gastronomy

21 May 2021

The best of Phuket is found "beyond the beach".

There’s more to Phuket besides sun, sand and sea. For those looking for a break from the beaches and have a passionate interest in food, you will be surprised that UNESCO has listed Phuket as a ‘City of Gastronomy’, one of the 17 selected cities worldwide. 

Our favorite way to experience Phuket is by eating and drinking our way around this multicultural town preserved in time. 

Phuket Town was the hub of the 19th Century tin trade in Southeast Asia, which brought Hokkien and Hakka Chinese traders, merchants from Malaysia and India, as well as Europeans to get in on the take. The town’s ethnic and religious diversity has created a fascinating culture of unique local beliefs, architecture, art, lifestyle and, of course, cuisine.

Chic cafes, vibrant facades & street treats

We’ll begin with a local coffee at one of the chic cafes in the beautifully restored Shino-Portuguese buildings before exploring Lock Tian food court, where we will sample Phuket fresh spring rolls while watching them being freshly made. This simple food court caters to a variety of local tastes with authentic dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. 

How about a bowl of classic Hokkien noodles, followed by ancient shaved-ice dessert? Save room for a stroll through an area where local food vendors gather to sell their unique snacks. Every day there is something different on offer. Some say the Malay-style satay (grilled chicken skewers served with peanut sauce) found here is the best in Phuket. 

Your Smiling Albino host will guide you to the experiences that best match your interests. We have the option to visit with a resident artist at work in their renovated minimalist warehouse, or to discover the original town founders’ – the Chinese-Siamese Baba – community museum before heading back to your resort – there are plenty of possibilities!

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Ready to eat your way through Phuket? Get in touch with us to start planning your adventure.

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