Chiang Rai in Tourism Spotlight

Unless you’ve been living in, well, a cave, you’ve probably read the recent story about a group of teenage boys who went exploring in a cave in northern Thailand and got trapped by rising floodwaters. Despite the treacherous conditions and tragic death of one of the rescuers, the boys got out alive after 16 days […]

Don’t Confuse Chiang Mai with Chiang Rai

True story – a few months ago, an elderly friend of Smiling Albino was flying from Canada to meet with his brother, who lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand. At the last minute, he showed his ticket to a friend, who promptly said “Hang on – this ticket is for Chiang Mai.” Some quick phone calls […]

New Luxury – Albino Smiles Nov., 2014

Smiling Albino’s intuitive look into the changing travel industry this month focuses on New Luxury — from fashion, to travel, to education — transends customary luxury & consists of tailor-made, experiential, relational & narratable experiences

Bikes on Planes

Bikes on planes: take your bicycle with you next time you travel around Southeast Asia. New airline regulations allow bikes as checked luggage, some free of charge. Go further, see more!

Culture vs Adventure: The Difference Between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai

Culture vs Adventure: The Difference Between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai The one thing that makes northern Thailand such a great destination for such a wide variety of travelers is that it offers a perfect mix of ancient culture and awesome outdoor adventure. There are lots of amazing destinations in this region to check out, […]