Food Driving Travel

Prawn Amok, Cambodia There are a number of things that are common to the human experience, but none has such an intense and ongoing fascination as food. Over the past several decades (and especially in the past few years) food has moved from a boring staple to a dynamic art form. (A similar assessment can […]

An Insider Look at our Da Nang Foodie Adventure

Fancy a journey through Vietnam that also includes an adventure of the taste buds?  We’ve designed a route through one of Central Vietnam’s largest cities that delves deeply into cultural and gastronomical experiences with a little bit of adrenaline sprinkled on top.  Our Da Nang food tour focuses on getting close to all things Vietnamese. […]

Eat your way through the Bangkok night!

Smiling Albino’s Bangkok Headlights tour is one of our most famous excursions. Since we started it in 1999, this dynamic evening out has been wowing our guests, showing them the best of Bangkok after dark at street level. It hits the city’s unique transportation, people, sights, hidden alleys and secret party spots – and most […]

The Rise and Rise of Bangkok’s F&B Scene

Thailand – and Bangkok in particular – is rightly known for its awesome street food. It’s everywhere! But as good as it is, the city has never really been known for its international cuisine. However, over the last half dozen years, this has changed dramatically. Indeed, one of Bangkok’s restaurants was recently named the best […]

The Lowdown on Food and Water in Southeast Asia

thai food

Some of the most common questions we hear are, “Is this water safe to drink?” and, “will this food make me sick?” They’re perfectly legitimate questions. In Southeast Asia, almost all drinking water and ice (and certainly all on a Smiling Albino trip) come from modern factories using treated water.  The main reason for this […]