The Art of Navigating Crowded Attractions

Tourism in Asia has been growing at an impressive, consistent rate for some time now. Every once in a while the numbers will dip in the wake of a natural disaster or political upheaval, but still… the numbers keep climbing. For a bit of perspective: in 2010, the ten member countries of ASEAN saw a […]

Behind the Scenes of a Smiling Albino Trip – Part 1

Above: The Smiling Albino Team (that’s Queen in the blue dress on the far right). Like many industries, the travel and tour business is a lot like an iceberg – what you see is only a small fraction of the whole package. From a client’s point of view, most any service they pay for – […]

Don’t waste your valuable time! – Albino Smiles, July 2014

Don’t waste your valuable time! Time management. Efficiency. Productivity. You might not realize it, but your holiday has begun the minute you contact Smiling Albino. Sure, some people like to “do it themselves” and piece together a trip based on information gleaned from old Internet blog postings or out-of-date travel guide books, but the most […]