Most of our clients would consider themselves successful people, and we certainly would say that the vast majority of the people that we deal with are successful in their professions or pursuits – many of you are inspirational to us.

Smiling Albino has accomplished what we set out to do all those years ago on a cold Canadian night in Calgary, Alberta. We are successfully delivering customized, high-value experiences to the people who have entrusted us with their time for over a decade. Thank you!

In constantly striving to deliver a better product and a better value to our guests, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about success and how to measure the results of work. I have learned that successful people attack work with vigor and an ideal goal, but often when it comes to holiday planning they simply leave too much to chance. Part of this is because holiday planning is not really what they do for a living, and part of it because so often it appears easy to go on holiday – after all, for many people a holiday is simply the absence of work.

I firmly believe this is where the value is lost, and it’s one of the reasons I got into this business all those years ago, and why I have made it my personal goal to become an expert in the art of travel.

Since success is defined as the accomplishment of a purpose, it must necessarily begin with a goal or a desired outcome. This is the most important part of the process and it is where Smiling Albino can be of the highest value to you. You work hard for your holiday time; make sure you’re as successful while on your break as you are in life!

Drop a line to one of our passionate travel experts at, and let us help you to achieve success on your next adventure experience.

Daniel Fraser,
Smiling Albino Adventurer-in-Chief

Adventure Highlights

Come hike with us

Come hike with us

Nepal Trip Hosted by our very own Adventurer-in-chief Daniel

Himalayas, monasteries, yogis, the spa… and our very own Daniel Fraser. If you have yet to make it to the under-explored country of Nepal, April of next year is a perfect opportunity to see this country as it continues its rapid development. Dan Fraser is taking the time to host this special trip from April 1 – 13, 2014. An itinerary outline can be found here. Contact us to register for this special trip today before it fills up!


A statue of Vishnu found inside Angkor Wat

A statue of Vishnu found inside Angkor Wat

Classic Cambodia

Late last year we highlighted our Classic Cambodia trip in this newsletter and we were able to provide several outstanding trips for clients in the months since. Due to the success and popularity of this incredible adventure, we wanted to highlight it again and suggest that you join us there on your next holiday.

Cambodia is a land of dramatic contrasts. From magnificent ancient temples reflecting one of the greatest cultural forces in history, to the charming former French colonial capital and its conflicted past. Our Classic Cambodia trip explores multiple corners of the Kingdom. Starting at the incredible Angkor Wat, you’ll marvel at the glory of the Khmer Kingdom and then attempt to understand the turmoil of its recent history and youthful promise of its future. This six-day adventure features real SA variety, from biking, to various modes of transport, to hiking outer walls of Angkor Thom and remote village picnics, boutique hotels and passionate hosts. Join us to get close and personal with Cambodia’s people, places and culture.

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What’s Going On

All about the Rivers

Our clients trust Smiling Albino for our inside views and knowledge of the areas that we operate in. One of the things that comes as a surprise to many is how wonderful the region is in the August to September rainy season. It really is ironic that so many people avoid Southeast Asia at this time of year because it really is one of the best times to visit. The rains come for at least a few minutes almost daily but bring with them the freshness and lush greenery that we love so much.

We’ve had some of our best cycling trips at this time of year with predictable late afternoon/ early morning showers, quiet roads with stunning scenery and clean air – check out Thailand Trek and Trail for more information and to book the trip of a lifetime.

The rainy season and just after is also the time when river life in Southeast Asia really begins in earnest. An always entertaining event in cities throughout the Kingdom of Thailand is the annual boat races. Two upcoming spectacles are to be hosted in Phitsanulok and Nan provinces on the weekend of September 21 and 22, 2013 are sure to be entertaining for all.

If you’d rather get on the water yourself, we’re starting to get into the whitewater rafting season in Thailand, so if you have ever had the urge to try this exciting sport, get in touch and let us put a trip together for you and some friends.

Click here to read the top ten reasons to travel Thailand during the rainy season.

Vertical What?

Landmark 72 – Hanoi’s tallest building – will again be hosting the Hanoi Vertical Run on September 15th, 2013. If you’ve got a hankering to try something fun and new with locals and expats alike, try to fit this unique run into your trip. We have arranged a special discount on airfare out of Hong Kong in the week preceding this event- contact us for more details.

Posts, Pictures, Flicks & Podcasts

Exploring in Vietnam

Exploring in Vietnam

Pictures, pictures, pictures

We are exploring the idea of running a hosted photo-taking and teaching trip with an acclaimed combat photographer and photojournalist in November. If you have any interest in joining something like this, please let us know and mention the “November photo trip”.

In addition, many of you don’t know this, but Smiling Albino has an extensive gallery of photos posted at Have a look at the gallery and buy any that you like to hang in your living room, office or den. If you see anything that you think is especially interesting, let us know if we can organize a trip to explore something similar for you.

To let us help you arrange your own re-energizing getaway, check out and drop us a line right away.

Daniel Fraser visiting North America

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Dan Fraser will be in North America in September and would love to meet you! It’s the perfect time to ask questions, learn about the regions we operate in, share a drink and tell some stories about your own adventure. Dates are below so please get in touch:

September 1 – 4 – Calgary

September 5 – 9 – Toronto

September 10 – 13 – New York

September 18 – 19 – Vancouver

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