Another exciting month in the world of Smiling Albino, and I thank you for making it that way! Between leading some amazing trips and developing great new ones with our team, continuing to host the Long Krung Thai television show, and a series of speaking engagements at industry events, I’m amazed that I have time to eat, let alone sleep! (Although if you’ve seen me eat, you know that I never forget to do that).

We’re officially more than halfway through the year now, so we are looking forward to Southeast Asia’s ideal travel season of October-March. Smiling Albino is continuing to explore new ways of allowing our guests to experience this part of the world, and we never stop trying to find new ways to make your trip a one-of-a-kind adventure that provides memories for a lifetime. Please, read on below to find out some of what’s been happening and we hope to see you soon!

Daniel Fraser,
Smiling Albino Adventurer-in-Chief


Adventure Highlights

Amazing Angkor
There’s been a tremendous amount of word-of-mouth over the past few years around our Amazing Angkor experience and this is making it more popular this year than ever before! This short, value-packed adventure will leave an impression on you that will make you want to share your experiences as well. Fortunately, if you haven’t booked a spot yet, we just added another trip date starting on October 26th. This experience will deliver an intimate, up-close view of the remains of one of the most powerful and artistic kingdoms on earth – the sprawling Khmer Empire.

Remote temples are more fun on bicycles!

Remote temples are more fun on bicycles!

The secret to why everyone loves this trip? We don’t deliver destinations along the way from a checklist: we craft moments that will touch and inspire you long after you’ve returned home. You choose your prefered terms of transport from cycling the backroads, to hiking along the walls of Angkor Thom, or relaxing from the seat of a tuk tuk or van where we’ll explore some of the hundreds of temples and local villages that sprawl across Cambodia. Challenge Smiling Albino to show you the inside corners of the grandeur and beauty of these outstanding ruins and allow our guides to bring you to the perfect place for a jungle picnic or a sunset flute of champagne.

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What’s Going On

Insider tips: Unique Ko Samui beach dining
Magical moments happen all around the world on a daily basis – Smiling Albino’s art is identifying when and where they will happen so that you can be there for them.

We’ve found a wonderful experience for you that happens every morning before dawn at The Library, Koh Samui that we know that you’ll love if you’re willing to wake up before most people do.

If you’re an early riser, you can set the alarm and wander down to the beach in the pre-dawn darkness where you’ll find a comfortable mat and a personalized breakfast spread waiting right on the shore. As the waves gently ease up onto the beach in the fresh morning air, watch the sun herald a new day as you take in the moment while sipping your morning coffee.

This is just one more example of the unique, high-value experiences that Smiling Albino’s in-destination researchers have uncovered for you.

From a pretty view to a life experience, how about some breakfast?

From a pretty view to a life experience, how about some breakfast?

Buddhist text author was Thai woman
We pride ourselves on showing our destinations from a new angle, or in a new light. Recent news from Thailand has underlined our belief that there is still much to see, do, learn and uncover in the Kingdom and abroad.

The Thammanuthamma-patipatti, is a document that serializes the dialogue between two monks.This story is held very dear by the country’s Buddhist population and has always been presumed to have been written by one of the two monks in the story – a revered figure in Theravada Buddhism. However, recent research has raised the very real possibility that the text was actually written by Khunying Yai Damrongthammasan, a wealthy woman who retired to a southern Thai temple when her husband died. This possibility won’t shake religious foundations of course, but it is an interesting twist on an age-old belief that many devout Buddhists in Thailand have taken as fact, proving that their Asia still has plenty of secrets to give up if you do a bit of digging.

Bangkok Best in Asia

As most of you know, Bangkok has been the base of Smiling Albino’s operations since inception in 1999. We love all of Asia passionately, but it’s Thailand’s capital that we call home! For this reason we were very happy to see that TripAdvisor has named Bangkok the #1 destination in Asia.

Bangkok offers so much for the first-time or fiftieth-time repeat traveler, and this ranking reflects that. One of the things that keeps us so excited about this vibrant city is that we can constantly surprise and thrill guests with completely new experiences and perspectives of one of the world’s most provocative cities regardless of how familiar they think they are with it. Contact us today if you or someone you know would like to see this old city again in a new light.

Posts, Pictures, Flicks & Podcasts

Biking in Chiang Rai
We had the good fortune of being able to take almost the whole SA team on a mountain biking trip in the lush and misty hills of Chiang Rai late last month. It was incredible to get the team away for some pedaling and hiking through the inspiring greenery of the Northern Thailand landscape. Here is a photo from one of several memorable days.

Refreshed, recharged, reinvigorated!

Refreshed, recharged, reinvigorated!

To let us help you arrange your own re-energizing getaway, check out and drop us a line right away.

Daniel Fraser visiting North America

Dan Fraser will be in North America in September and would love to meet you! It’s the perfect time to ask questions, learn about a region we operate in, share a drink and tell some stories about your own adventure. Dates are below so please do get in touch:

September 1 – 4 – Calgary

September 5 – 9 – Toronto

September 10 – 14 – New York

September 17 – 18 – Vancouver

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