When you’re off gallivanting around sipping G&Ts in a hammock on a beach (also known as doing research), it’s easy to lose track of – among other things such as time – the importance of actual networking. So, off Smiling Albino went to the fantastic PURE Life Experiences travel conference in Marrakech, Morocco, where we got caught up on catching up with old and new friends and colleagues from around the world.

While the conference is always a memorable, fruitful event, we couldn’t help but come away with a sense that there’s some confusion out there about when, exactly, the best time to visit Southeast Asia is.

A common refrain we hear is that Southeast Asia should be avoided during the hot season (April-May) and the rainy season (June-October) because it’s, well, too hot and rainy. To this we cry, au contraire!

Southeast Asia is warm all the time; even the cool season is warm to most Westerners, so that shouldn’t stop you from coming. And rain? Well, if it rains, it’s usually just for an hour or so in the afternoon. Generally, you’ll still be expecting more daily sunshine hours in Southeast Asia than back at home. One great side effect from this is that you’ll never see healthier, greener, more verdant flora.

One thing that 20 years in the region gives you (and by you we mean us) is the lowdown on where to go to maximize travel during this time. The reality is this – the crowds are thinner, the waits are shorter, the prices are lower, the ferries are less crowded, and the food… well, the food is always awesome, that doesn’t change, thankfully, but an afternoon shower gives us one extra opportunity for another delicious meal while we wait for the sun to peek out again.

With those things comes some fringe benefits that can improve your trip tenfold. With less-filled hotels, your schedule won’t be the travel oracle that needs a consultation every time you want to make an adjustment. We won’t need to adapt to a forced schedule to avoid the masses at popular sites. Concurrently, with fewer numbers of guests to manage, staff at hotels and other attractions might actually have the time and energy to give your party a bit of extra TLC – and who doesn’t love that?

Looking for an off-season beach getaway? Another benefit of low season travel is that the islands on either side of the southern isthmus of Thailand are at their prime during opposite times of the year. In June while the weather can be a little bit unpredictable in Phuket, you’ll find great weather in Koh Samui. Beach-wise it’s always a great time to come to Thailand!

Let our client service experts point you to the best seasonal destinations. Care must always be taken, of course, when it comes to typhoon season in Vietnam (September-October), and extra awareness of overland travel difficulties in general, but our point remains – it’s always a great time to travel to Southeast Asia, and the rainy season, which we like to call the “green season”, is no exception!