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Smiling Albino Testimonials: A Candid Travel Diary, March 2020

march 2020

“First, a huge thank you to Smiling Albino for organizing such a fantastic trip. We really enjoyed everything. It was a trip full of contrasts and great experiences. Your local team always treated us very well. I personally loved the motorcycle experience.

We know this is a difficult time for the travel and tourism industry as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Our guides in Vietnam and Cambodia were very honest when they told us that this is the high season but feels more like a low season. Some estimate tourism is down by 50% or more.

The good news for people who do visit this region is that there are far less crowds at major attractions. Angkor Wat was practically empty and we were able to get photos without crowds of people.

All of our guides were proactive in protecting our health in public spaces. The guides were always ready with a face mask or hand sanitizer as we transited through airports, visited museums or sat down to a meal.

Flight attendants and airport staff were always wearing masks and sometimes latex gloves. Hotels and the boats on Halong Bay sprayed regularly cleaned or sprayed with a long-acting anti-microbial agent. Sometimes we arrived and the surfaces were still damp!

The inconveniences or disruptions were minimal and we never felt unsafe or at risk of getting sick.”

-Smiling Albino Traveler, March 2020

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