What are surprises for?

The unexpected is a part of life, and sometimes, when it is sudden and provokes an emotional response, we call it surprise. We’ve all experienced surprise and know that it can be neutral, pleasant, or unpleasant.

Sangiam painting of rice workers
Sangiam painting of rice workers

Smiling Albino of course likes to focus on the best kinds of surprises, and operating from our base in Thailand for the past decade and a half, we have definitely had our fair share of surprises – most of them delightful.

One of my fondest memories of the early days of Smiling Albino’s is from when I was exploring Northern Thailand for the first time in order to craft something special for our guests. I was fortunate to meet the famous Thai artist, Sangiam Yarangsee, in the rural town of Doi Mae Salong. I was a total stranger to him at the time, but he surprised me with his profound hospitality. He took me into his home and introduced me to his family, the culture of the region, and his art. I have returned to Doi Mae Salong hundreds of times since and hosted scores of guests in the region.

The fond recollection of that experience, and others like it, are a consistent thread woven through my memory of the time I have spent in Southeast Asia, it is that type of surprise that I hope our guests have on every Smiling Albino trip. It is the kind of experience that we as a team aim to integrate into every program that we deliver.

Whether it be the friendliness of the Thais, the enthusiastic hospitality of the Cambodians or the sincerity of the Vietnamese in their interactions with us, I am sure that the surprises we deliver will continue to be positive. I’ve always believed that you don’t spend your valuable time and money for two weeks of holiday. You travel to be surprised and delighted with memories for the next 50 weeks that you’re back at work. That surprise, when well crafted, creates the memory. This is an art and a passion and we love that our guests are the beneficiaries of this little joy of ours. Call me today to find out how we can surprise and inspire you for the year to come!

Daniel Fraser,
Smiling Albino Adventurer-in-Chief

Adventure Highlights:

Panoramic of Bagan Temples
Panoramic of Bagan Temples

Travel Myanmar with Adventurer-in-Chief Daniel Fraser

We have dedicated two years of surveying and exploration to create a Myanmar adventure that has the Smiling Albino magic our guests have come to count on.

November will be the launch our new “All that Glitters, Asia’s Golden Land”! An amazing 10 day excursion through Myanmar’s stupas, villages, mountains, rivers and pagodas, led Smiling Albino founder, Daniel Fraser!

We can’t wait to share a Myanmar adventure with you like the old days. See the full tour itinerary online. Contact us for more details

What’s Going On:

Eak from Smiling Albino
Eak from Smiling Albino

From our Blog: Confusion vs. Comfort and Ease

Have you been here before. . . you stumble off a long plane ride, jetlagged and hungry, grab your bags, and then ask the big question: how do I get to my hotel?

We share our recommendations written from decades of travel experience on how to get out of an airport and excited for the next steps in your trip.

Read more ideas on how to make travel smoother and worry-free on the Smiling Albino blog.




In the Media:

Travel Mart Keynote Speaker
Thai Mart Keynote Speaker

Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2014

Dan is honored to be involved in the 3 day Thailand Travel Mart Plus this week in multiple events. On June 4th he will be delivering a keynote on luxury and simplicity and on June 6th he has been invited as panelist at the Thailand Sustainable Tourism Seminar.

See details on the event and Smiling Albino’s participation in sustainable tourism!


Dan soon to be in Toronto
Dan soon to be in Toronto

Destination Thailand in Toronto

Dan Fraser will be the honorary emcee for Destination Thailand in Toronto, Canada this fall. Selected for his love of Thailand and his appearances on many Thai television programs and his very popular Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) television commercial “Warm Welcome is Always Around“. Daniel will host a day of Thai festivities, food sampling, activities and performances.

The Destination Thailand festival event will be held at Yonge-Dundas Square on September 14th, 2014.  It is a great opportunity to meet or catch up with Dan, and get inspired by Thailand! Free Admission. September 14th 11:00–20:00.


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