More private luxury villas with five-star services are popping up in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand. This follows the worldwide trend of villas becoming increasingly popular alternatives to luxury hotel stays. Why? These are some of the benefits of staying in a villa, particularly if traveling with family or friends.

Privacy. Generally, villas are self-contained with their own pools and leisure areas. You are not sharing a wall with strangers and are distanced from other accommodations.

Space. Luxury villas tend to offer far more space. As stand-alone residences, they have less confined floorplans than even the larger hotel suites, and in the tropics, often have large indoor-outdoor common areas to enjoy.

Self-contained. Luxury villas come fully equipped with kitchen, recreational facilities, spas and dining areas. Usually, all the facilities and amenities one is used to in a five-star hotel property are included in a luxury villa.

Value. Luxury villas are typically competitively priced with the similar number of rooms in luxury hotels, particularly for longer stays. Having a kitchen and your own chef cuts down on restaurant expenses and many properties are all-inclusive.

Check out these three fabulous Thai villas Smiling Albino has partnered with…

Samujana Samui

Ani Villas Phuket

Khum Sak Thong Chiang Rai