Personal thoughts from Dan Fraser on Covid-19 Recovery

Personal thoughts from Dan Fraser on Covid-19 Recovery July 2020 What’s going on in our ‘hood? Half a year of our lives can now be clocked to enduring this Covid-19 challenge. I call it a “challenge” rather than a crisis, because challenge instills a call to action. I can’t change Covid-19, but I can change […]

Villa or Hotel Room?

More private luxury villas with five-star services are popping up in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand. This follows the worldwide trend of villas becoming increasingly popular alternatives to luxury hotel stays. Why? These are some of the benefits of staying in a villa, particularly if traveling with family or friends. Privacy. Generally, villas are self-contained […]

When Eco-friendly Tourism Isn’t Enough

The term “eco-friendly” gets thrown around a lot these days. We see it used in everything from cups at the coffee shop to the chemicals we clean our toilets with. Sadly, despite its noble origin, the term has lost much of its original purpose due to overuse and the subjective definitions of “eco” and “friendly”. […]

Smartphones on the Road: Smart? Dumb? Meh?

When Smiling Albino lead their first adventure, the only piece of technology that our guests had in common was a camera. Some of the more tech-savvy or data-driven folks may have brought a GPS unit with them, but each piece was a single-function device. Fast-forward to now and most of our guests carry with them […]

Smiling Albino People Profile – Stephanie Rowe, Director of Sales & Business Development

Smiling Albino, a Bangkok-based luxury adventure specialist, has been designing and operating bespoke itineraries in Southeast Asia for over a decade. Today the company is among the region’s most respected upscale adventure operators in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Nepal. That success is directly proportional to having a great team. There’s a world of […]