Planet Asia Podcast: Southeast Asian Elephants

Southeast Asian elephants have suffered severe territorial encroachment over the last few decades and their numbers are declining quickly. On this epidsode of Planet Asia Podcast we speak with John Roberts, the Director of Elephants at the Anantara Golden Triangle about their plight and future in the region. John’s a fascinating guy who’s worked with […]

Planet Asia Podcast: Making a positive difference while traveling

Lending a hand, volunteering and ‘helping out’ while on vacation in SE Asia can be tricky. There are multiple layers to actually doing good and there are some important things to keep in mind before setting out to do so. Smiling Albino Team members Scott Coates and Greg Jorgensen chat and share some of their […]

Planet Asia Podcast: How to best communicate while traveling in SE Asia

Traveling in unfamiliar territory can be a challenge, let alone how to try and speak with locals in languages you don’t understand, but it’s possible. We chat with David Long, a longtime resident in Thailand who runs the Thai Language Department at the AUA in Bangkok, as well as Real Life Bangkok, about how to […]

Planet Asia Podcast: Talking Photography with David Lemke

One of the great things about being in the travel business in SE Asia is meeting interesting people. Canadian David Lemke is one of them. He didn’t intend to become a professional photographer or live in Vietnam, but both happened. Over the last few years he’s gone from being an avid photographer to making it […]