Chiang Mai Art Scene Blossoms

Chiang Mai Art Scene Blossoms - Smiling Albino

Chiang Mai is now considered the art capital of Thailand. Northern Thailand has always been a fertile ground for visual and fine artists, producing more than its fair share of National Artists over the years. But only recently has the art scene burst into full bloom with galleries and public exhibitions popping up throughout Chiang […]

Vietnamese Lacquerware Shines

Vietnamese Lacquerware Shines 21 march 2021 Heading to Vietnam without bringing back some lacquerware art, tableware or souvenirs is a bit like going to Vegas and not gambling. And much like gambling, the fine art of Vietnamese lacquerware goes back thousands of years – although unlike betting on a craps table, when you hand over […]

Albino Smiles – March 2014 Edition

Doing the Impossible Until a cool and overcast Thursday in Oxfordshire, England, it was considered impossible for an athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. Sportsmen had been trying for decades to break the time barrier and some medical professionals of the day declared it an unreachable milestone. On May 6th, 1954, the […]