Doing the Impossible

Until a cool and overcast Thursday in Oxfordshire, England, it was considered impossible for an athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. Sportsmen had been trying for decades to break the time barrier and some medical professionals of the day declared it an unreachable milestone.

On May 6th, 1954, the impossible suddenly became possible when Roger Bannister ran a mile in three minutes, 59.4 seconds.

When asked how he had done it, Bannister is alleged to have said that he simply visualized his objective, and had done it repeatedly in his own mind so many times that it was a certainty that his mind and body would be up to the task on race day.

That’s how we operate at Smiling Albino. When we design an itinerary for you, we don’t consider just what is possible, we visualize what the perfect experience should be, and then find ways to make it happen. It’s this careful blend of risk-taking and hard work that allows us turn great trips into unforgettable memories.

Some of our greatest trip moments and experiences have come from exploring imaginative new options in the pursuit of an innovative idea that we just “had” to make happen.  Not accepting the ordinary and pushing for perfect execution sometimes results with our guests thinking we have achieved the impossible. On occasion, we have done just that.

Daniel Fraser,
Smiling Albino Adventurer-in-Chief

Adventure Highlights:

Nepal in the springtime
Stunning views are always at hand in the Himalayas.

Springtime in Nepal

March – May are one of the best times of year to visit Nepal, as the wet season is a few months away, and the coldest days of winter are already gone. In early spring – March and April – you can also see the flowers in full bloom.  It’s a great time to go for a hike, or even a ride on a classic Enfield Motorcycle through the Himalaya’s.

Our hand designed trips range from premiere properties, to tea house stays, all with a stunning backdrops.  We can serve up high-intensity rafting, trekking and biking pursuits, introduce you to local characters, amazing venues and everything in between.  Whether you are looking for an epic day in the saddle or a comfy chair and a copy of The Ascent of Rum Doodle in hand, we’ve got you covered.  What are you doing this spring? We can personalize your travel.

What’s Going On:

The Hairy Bikers with Dan B Fraser
Watch the Bangkok Street Food Episode to see some of the Smiling Albino Office team on air!

The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure Show begins!

Smiling Albino knows Thai street food – and now so do The Hairy Bikers! We were hired to help Si and David with their Bangkok street food episode, and we took them to all of our favourite spots. Watch their show of the BBC Two to get an inside look at the street food scene – or call us and we can arrange a night of scrumptious discovery and dining.

Watch on Youtube! Watch on

Girl looking at Bagan Temples
Temples in Bagan!

Bagan’s Archaeological Gems

If you thought Angkor Wat was stunning than you need to get to Bagan!  It’s no secret that Myanmar is getting a lot of attention, and the incredible archeological gems of Bagan is simply a must do on any visit there.

Want a quick comparison to something you’re already familiar with? Check out our latest Blog post “Rustic Chic Bagan vs Classic Siem Reap”, talking about the differences between Bagan and Angkor Wat.

Explore Myanmar on a 12 day trip with us. Check it out!

Phare - The Cambodian Circus Performance Shot
New up and coming must see attraction in Cambodia!

Phare – The Cambodian Circus

In Siem Reap a new up and coming must see attraction is the modern and unique Cambodian Circus. The beginnings of the circus started 20 years ago after the Khmer Rouge regime when a group of young men found healing through the art of dance and performing. View the official Phare Cambodian Circus site.

The show depicts stories from everyday life and beliefs in Cambodia through inspiring dance, contortion and balancing acrobatic acts. There is many other attractions nearby, we can arrange your tour travel. Inquire here. 

Phare Ponleu Selpak is now branching out into schools to educate the poor in the area and giving them skills to earn a wage and come out of poverty. Help their project.

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