Nine Weird and Wonderful Wats Near Bangkok

Weird and Wonderful Wats - Near Bangkok

Thailand is full of weird and wonderful sights. Local interpretations of Buddhism are creative and the religious monuments Thais build can be quite fantastic as they demonstrate their piety and vie for patrons. While Buddhists worship at these sites, they also double as (respectful) tourist attractions, both for locals and foreigners. You may have heard […]

Naga Fireball Festival

The Naga Fireball phenomenon takes place every year around the full moon at the end of the Buddhist Lent in October on the Mekong River between Laos and Thailand. Are the fireballs produced by the Naga, a large mythical Serpent living in the river, or can science explain the rational behind them? It has yet to be determined.

New Luxury Travel

cycling bagan

Discovering and indulging in luxury travel is about unique experiences, not just desirable things. Things come and go, but experiences help define us and how we see the world, and how we remember it.

New Luxury – Albino Smiles Nov., 2014

Smiling Albino’s intuitive look into the changing travel industry this month focuses on New Luxury — from fashion, to travel, to education — transends customary luxury & consists of tailor-made, experiential, relational & narratable experiences