Our 2017 Best Beach Escapes

Six Senses, Con Dao Who decides which are the best beach holiday destinations? Generally speaking it would be the travellers. But then the most popular (and crowded) beaches would be considered the best for their beauty, sand or water. But best for who? Everyone is different and has a different selection criteria when choosing travel […]

Bikes on Planes

Bikes on planes: take your bicycle with you next time you travel around Southeast Asia. New airline regulations allow bikes as checked luggage, some free of charge. Go further, see more!

Benefits of Travel for Kids: Plus Tips for Making it Easier

Benefits of Travel for Kids: Plus Tips for Making it Easier Travel is good for kids. But do you know why? Travel teaches our children things they couldn’t learn any other way. Things like confidence, competence, and cultural diversity. Travel shows our kids that the world is bigger than they are, and that people are […]

Deciphering Vietnam’s Weather

  Vietnam is an amazing country to visit any time of year because it has so many things to offer. Due to its shape – long and narrow, covering 1,650km – there are a vast range of climates and landscapes available, from sandy beaches to misty mountains to steamy, crowded cities. So when is the […]