Vietnam Dining Experiences Reach New Heights

Don’s Bistro, Ha Noi Vietnam has seen remarkable development in the last decade, in part fueled by a tourism boom. Along with economic growth, popular western TV shows like Top Gear, Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and President Obama’s 2016 visit have put Vietnam in the international media spotlight, with a particularly focus on its cuisine. […]

Banh Mi – Vietnam’s History in a Baguette

Banh Mi

You might be forgiven for thinking that Vietnam’s only national dish is pho (pronounced fuh not foe). After all, it’s served in almost every restaurant, has been exported to fancy food joints overseas, and there are thousands of recipes, from Aunty Tran’s family specialty to the braised beef joint at the end of the block. […]

Ten Unique Foodie Experiences in Southeast Asia

There are plenty of “Top 10” lists out there, usually focused on a specific topic or location. Here we’ve decided to take a broader view and let you in on some select secrets, our top unique food and beverage experiences from all of Smiling Albino’s travel destinations. These encounters are made possible by exceptionally talented […]

The Rise and Rise of Bangkok’s F&B Scene

Thailand – and Bangkok in particular – is rightly known for its awesome street food. It’s everywhere! But as good as it is, the city has never really been known for its international cuisine. However, over the last half dozen years, this has changed dramatically. Indeed, one of Bangkok’s restaurants was recently named the best […]