Changing Hearts and Minds on Elephants

We’ve all seen ideas change, traditions fall out of favor, and norms shift to the left or right, usually as a response to changing cultural or societal norms. As an example, it’s sometimes difficult to watch movies or read literature from decades past and not cringe a little bit at what we now deem as […]

Ethical Elephant Experiences


Looking an elephant in the eye and stroking their leathery skin is an amazing experience that will remain with you for life. However, there has been growing debate on whether a visit to an elephant camp should be included on an Asian travel itinerary or not. Many different opinions have been voiced on the ethics […]

Culture vs Adventure: The Difference Between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai

Culture vs Adventure: The Difference Between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai The one thing that makes northern Thailand such a great destination for such a wide variety of travelers is that it offers a perfect mix of ancient culture and awesome outdoor adventure. There are lots of amazing destinations in this region to check out, […]

5 Unsuspecting Treasures in Asia

Asia is full of unique experiences, festivals, cultures and historical sites that it is difficult to pick which countries to visit and what sights to see. We’ll attempt to select our  Smiling Albino five unsuspecting treasure travel spots, in the part of the world that we call home. We’ve had 15 years to explore and discover the mystical […]