Asia is full of unique experiences, festivals, cultures and historical sites that it is difficult to pick which countries to visit and what sights to see. We’ll attempt to select our  Smiling Albino five unsuspecting treasure travel spots, in the part of the world that we call home.

We’ve had 15 years to explore and discover the mystical countries of the East and guide many guests into our world, now we share our insight with our online community. When you finally make your epic trip across the ocean remember to pack this list of destinations. And without further adieu. . .

Treasure #5 – Mahabharata Range, Nepal

Nepal Trek with view of Himalayas on the horizon.
View of Himalayas on the horizon.

Picture for a moment following an ancient footpath with unspoilt nature on both sides. In front of you is an amazing landscape of the Mahabharata range.

On one side you pass lovely, lowly villages with terraced fields and forests on the other in the horizon is a spectacular silhouette of the majestic Himalayas.


Treasure #4 – Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Kampong Puk Fishing Village
Kampong Puk Fishing Village

Reach the lake by a comfortable private car or a slower, healthier cycling trip through quaint villages, rice fields and temples.

Tonle Sap Lake is Southeast Asia’s largest lake, and a must see when you wish to escape from temple-overload.

Board a charming boat for an interesting look at floating villages where locals literally live right on the lake, relying on it for everything.

Treasure #3 – Marble Mountains, Vietnam

Marble Mountains, Vietnam
Photo Credit: Wikipedia Marble Mountains, Vietnam

As you travel, by the means you find worthy, from Ho Chi Minh to Hue in the north you pass quaint villages, fantastic white sandy beaches, endless green rice paddies, over three mountain passes, and psychological the boundary between the north and south Vietnam. On the journey you pass the Marble Mountains, there are 5 in total each with a name of the five elements. These mountains are littered with numerous caves and tunnels as well as Buddhist sanctuaries. Nearby is the spectacular Hai Van Pass overlooking Danang’s coastline and the tele-famous sites around China Beach.

Treasure #2 – Shan State, Myanmar

Native people in the Shan State, Myanmar
Native people in the Shan State, Myanmar

In the northern Shan State of Myanmar out the town of Hsipaw, are the fascinating Shan and Palaung villages. With the natural beauty, historic stupas and cottage-industry factories, this region is still a rare unspoiled gem. Learn more about the Shan culture or the history of Hsipaw as you walk through panoramic scenes of paddy fields, small creeks and smiling families. Don’t miss the unique wooden monastery as well as some small home industries like cheroot (cigar) rolling, bamboo weaving “factories”, among others. Here you discover genuine, simple village life.

Treasure #1  – Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, Thailand

Beau and her mahout having a morning chat!

A classic Thai experience is a day as a ‘mahout’ or elephant handler. During the course you work alongside a professional elephant trainer and learn about these magical creatures.

Responsibilities include retrieving the elephants from the jungle, assisting with feeding, cleaning, bathing and learning how to drive an elephant via native verbal and physical commands.

Part of your payment is donated to support the foundations work to rescue elephants, so you can come and play with a free conscious!

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