Bangkok Biking Boom

We’ve written about Bangkok Biking before, but it’s time to revisit (recycle?). Bangkok cycling is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance these days, after motorbikes replaced bicycles as the preferred mode of city transport in the 1960’s. More and more people are taking up the activity again, and several high-profile events have put the hobby – […]

The Secret Lake of Angkor

Secret Lake

Smiling Albino’s Cambodia team have been exploring Angkor for years, looking for more intimate and historically valuable experiences. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is by far Cambodia’s main tourist destination – drawing well over two million visitors a year. Our new discoveries, lesser-known but important sites emerging from the landscape, are becoming more appealing as […]

Temple Hunting on Two Wheels in Angkor

The countryside surrounding Angkor is one of paddy fields and sugar palms. Dotted with small villages of traditional wooden houses built on stilts surrounded by fruit trees. Trapaeng or pools, vast ancient baray or reservoirs and the rivers and channels that still connect them today shape the landscape. Near Siem Reap it’s flat excepting the […]

Smiling Albino’s Deluxe Cycling Tours

cycling northern thailand

Smiling Albino offers deluxe cycling tours in and around Bangkok as an addition, or even included, in your Thailand travel adventures. We have city tours that appeal to history and architecture buffs, rural tours for nature lovers, or a combination of the two, with distances and routes tailored to all levels of cyclists. What is […]