Explore Lat Mayom Floating Market

Did you know that not too long ago, Bangkok was known as the Venice of the East? Thailand’s canal culture still lives on today in the country’s array of floating markets.

Extraordinary Dining Experiences

The Rice Barn at the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Smiling Albino is all about creating extraordinary experiences, big and small. Whether it’s a hometown newspaper with your morning coffee, a helicopter shuttle to your hotel or breakfast with an expert archaeologist before exploring Angkor, we know how to make Southeast Asia pop. When it […]

New Luxury Travel

cycling bagan

Discovering and indulging in luxury travel is about unique experiences, not just desirable things. Things come and go, but experiences help define us and how we see the world, and how we remember it.

Don’t waste your valuable time! – Albino Smiles, July 2014

Don’t waste your valuable time! Time management. Efficiency. Productivity. You might not realize it, but your holiday has begun the minute you contact Smiling Albino. Sure, some people like to “do it themselves” and piece together a trip based on information gleaned from old Internet blog postings or out-of-date travel guide books, but the most […]

Benefits of Travel for Kids: Plus Tips for Making it Easier

Benefits of Travel for Kids: Plus Tips for Making it Easier Travel is good for kids. But do you know why? Travel teaches our children things they couldn’t learn any other way. Things like confidence, competence, and cultural diversity. Travel shows our kids that the world is bigger than they are, and that people are […]