It might not be surprising, but we here at Smiling Albino think that a little bit of adventure should be included in every bit of life. From the places you go to the food you eat, why keep doing it the same way? So, when you’re about to begin a really big adventure – like marriage – why not kick things off with a bang?

Not so long ago a honeymoon meant an international air ticket and plenty of room service, but this is the twenty-first century, lovers, and things have changed! Over the past half century, the average age at which people get married in the west has risen – in 1960 in it was 21, and in 2010 it was 28. Add that international travel is more popular and accessible than ever, and what we get are newlyweds who have likely already done a good amount of traveling, and need something more unique.

This is where an adventure honeymoon can be just the ticket. However, it’s more than just stepping out of the comfort zone for some cool pictures, and of course, no two couples define ‘adventure’ the same way.

An adventurous honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to be anything like going over a waterfall in a kayak or pushing a spouse out of an airplane (with a parachute, we mean).  Some couples might prefer a jungle hike, bathing an elephant, or learning how to ride a motorcycle along the Burmese border – every couple is different. Heading into – and conquering – a challenge together can provide a huge sense of accomplishment, and even help set the tone for the relationship to follow.

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Of course, every trip with Smiling Albino is customized, but in offering unique and adventurous honeymoons, extra steps are taken to craft something that truly fits with a couple’s personality. Of course, if you know anything about how we do business, just because something is adventurous doesn’t mean it must be austere – luxury is most definitely a part of the package. After all, this is supposed to be adventure with comfort, not trial by fire. We go out of the way to place an extra emphasis on crafting something where the challenge is the reward, the journey is the memory.

Indeed, overcoming barriers and working through new situations together is a pretty apt metaphor for a successful marriage, right? We say, if a new couple survives a challenging, adventurous, one-of-a-kind honeymoon, their marriage is more likely to be one that is happy, enduring, and filled with positive energy!

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