Nine Weird and Wonderful Wats Near Bangkok

Weird and Wonderful Wats - Near Bangkok

Thailand is full of weird and wonderful sights. Local interpretations of Buddhism are creative and the religious monuments Thais build can be quite fantastic as they demonstrate their piety and vie for patrons. While Buddhists worship at these sites, they also double as (respectful) tourist attractions, both for locals and foreigners. You may have heard […]

Is Travel the Best Education?

northern thailand hills adventure

Travel can be a valuable education for families with school-aged children. You’ll be pleasantly amazed how many travel experiences and lessons young people soak up. Smiling Albino plans family holidays in Southeast Asia.

Adventure Honeymoons Done Right

honeymoon northern thailand chiang rai

Adventure honeymoons, with a side of luxury, are a great way to get to know each other and build a strong foundation for a happy and long marriage, Smiling Albino can customize the perfect experience with a couple’s personalities in mind.

Christmas in Asia

christmas in bangkok

Christmas in Asia: festive carols, snoopy and record-setting elf gatherings


Voluntourism: despite good intentions, paying to volunteer can sometimes have unintended negative consequences. In this blog we discuss the pros and cons.