Behind the Scenes of a Smiling Albino Trip – Part 1

Above: The Smiling Albino Team (that’s Queen in the blue dress on the far right). Like many industries, the travel and tour business is a lot like an iceberg – what you see is only a small fraction of the whole package. From a client’s point of view, most any service they pay for – […]

Christmas in Myanmar?

Still no plans for this winter’s holiday season? How about Christmas in Myanmar? Magnificent temples, remote villages, colonial hill stations, glittering gold stupas, thousands of pagodas, leg rowers, historic journeys and smiling faces are all waiting for you in Southeast Asia’s Golden land. In many ways, little has changed since the British colonial times where modern amenities in […]

Ten Unique Foodie Experiences in Southeast Asia

There are plenty of “Top 10” lists out there, usually focused on a specific topic or location. Here we’ve decided to take a broader view and let you in on some select secrets, our top unique food and beverage experiences from all of Smiling Albino’s travel destinations. These encounters are made possible by exceptionally talented […]

On the Ethics of Photographing Locals

Face it – taking photos is part of who we are these days. It’s not surprising when every 8-year old kid with an iPhone has more options for artistic photography that a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer had only 6 or 8 years ago. Indeed, we love taking photos so much that every day, over 350 […]

Placing Intelligence into the Art of Luxury

luxury northern thailand dinner

Quick question for you – what’s your favorite James Bond film? Dr. No? Goldeneye? On Her Majesty’s Secret Service? Certainly not The Living Daylights. Point is, there’s no single answer – Bond is a subjective experience that everyone appreciates differently. It might seem like a bit of a stretch, but luxury travel is defined by […]