Southeast Asian Dynasties: What happened to the royal family in Nepal?

As many readers know, Smiling Albino is based in Bangkok, Thailand, but also works extensively in Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Besides being awesome places to explore, the one thing that all of these countries have in common is that they entered the 20th century with a strong monarchic system in place. But of them […]

Online Travel Research

Online Travel Research: What’s Good, What’s Bad, and What to Avoid When Smiling Albino first came to Southeast Asia, the Internet was in its infancy. There were rudimentary blogs and pages with photo albums, but nothing even remotely resembling the selection today’s travelers have. In 2016, we are spoiled for choice. Indeed, there is actually […]

Southeast Asia on $10,000 a Day

People have been trying to save their pennies while they see the world for as long as people have been trying to see the world. Ironically, teaching people how to save money has become a multi-billion dollar business. But what if you had the means to go the other way?   Most of us dream […]

Ten Unique Foodie Experiences in Southeast Asia

There are plenty of “Top 10” lists out there, usually focused on a specific topic or location. Here we’ve decided to take a broader view and let you in on some select secrets, our top unique food and beverage experiences from all of Smiling Albino’s travel destinations. These encounters are made possible by exceptionally talented […]

On the Ethics of Photographing Locals

Face it – taking photos is part of who we are these days. It’s not surprising when every 8-year old kid with an iPhone has more options for artistic photography that a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer had only 6 or 8 years ago. Indeed, we love taking photos so much that every day, over 350 […]