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Don’t let all the organizational tasks crash a holiday

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Enjoy your holiday for the fun event that it is, rather than get slowed down by all the organizational tasks.

“Okay, keep your foot on the brake and shift the car into reverse.”

My friend’s daughter gingerly handles the gear shifter and awkwardly moves the column one position down from “Park.”

“All right, good, now turn yourself around and look out the back window.” She let her foot off the brake and turns right around in her seat. The car begins a slow roll backwards.

“No! Keep your foot on the brake!” her dad says.

She slams her foot onto the brake and the car jerks to a stop. She tries again, the delicate and unfamiliar dance of keeping an eye out the back window, gently letting off the brake and easing the car backwards out of the driveway.

Anyone who remembers when they first learned to drive or who has taught a youngster to drive will know exactly how this story goes.

When a new driver starts out, every single task that she is responsible for seems awkward. There are so many things to remember: check the surroundings, check the mirrors, brake on, change gears, let off the brake, push the accelerator, turn on the signal, turn off the signal, turn on the headlights, and so on and so on.

As a driver becomes more competent over time, these things become second nature and the process of driving becomes far less mentally demanding to the point that for many people going for a drive is a fun and relaxing pursuit.

So it is with anything that we are unfamiliar with.

When it comes to travel, we know that “anyone can do it.” Just like my friends daughter “knows” how to drive, it is certainly more than possible to go through a holiday by managing everything yourself, but that can lead to more hassle and possible wrong turns than you often realize, which can lead to friction between traveling members on holiday. While it gets you from point A to point B, there might be something great around the corner that you don’t want to miss, and something that makes all the difference.

Smiling Albino has the experience and expertise that allows holidays to occur as second nature, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday for the fun event that it is, rather than the stressful and harrying thing that it could easily become when you try to juggle all the details yourself.

For more information about Smiling Albino and what makes what we do so special, contact one of our travel enthusiasts today to ask about your next holiday.

Daniel B. Fraser


What’s Coming Up…

Explore Myanmar with Smiling Albino Founder Dan Fraser November 16 – 26, 2014

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An Intha fisherman leg-paddling his boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar.

All that glitters, Asia’s Golden Land: Magnificent temples, remote villages, historic journeys, Colonial hill stations, stupas glittering gold, thousands of Pagodas, leg rowers and smiling faces…

Myanmar, or Burma as it was formerly known, holds great mystery, beauty and legend. From Himalayan Mountains in the north, to stunning ancient temples, enchanting lakes and soulful people, we’ll enjoy an experience in one of the world’s last unexplored corners in style.

We’ll take you on an intimate exploration of the remote countryside, to the thousands of pagodas of Bagan and finally the photographic haven of Inle lake. We’ll engage and learn from the Burmese people from floating villages to hill stations, and from markets to monuments.  Rudyard Kipling once described Myanmar as “quite unlike any place you know about”, and we invite you to come and discover the spirit and hidden corners of this nation on the move.

Explore Myanmar with Smiling Albino Founder Dan Fraser: New 2014

This special Myanmar experience will be hosted by Smiling Albino founder Daniel Fraser.


Creative Bangkok


October 12-17, Bangkok

Smiling Albino’s Dan Fraser will be a keynote speaker and “walkshop” presenter for the international creative symposium called Creative Bangkok taking place at various venues around town October 12-17, 2014. Creative Bangkok is six days of creative immersion that will enable you to think outside the box to leap over your challenges.

For more details and program, visit Creative Bangkok’s website.



Destination Thailand Lands in Toronto!

Dest.Thai picIf you are in Toronto, Canada Sunday, September 14, be sure to drop by the Smiling Albino booth at Destination Thailand at Yonge-Dundas Square and say “hi”!

The Destination Thailand Festival will showcase the best Thailand has to offer to Canadians and tourists from around the world. The event will feature famous Thai food from local restaurants, Muay Thai, traditional Thai dance, exotic fresh Thai fruits, Thai handicrafts, authentic Thai massage, world class Thai beer, live entertainment, lucky draws, and much more. Smiling Albino’s Adventurer-in-chief Dan Fraser will be emceeing the event and you may even be able to join him for a coffee (or Singha beer depending on the time) at the Smiling Albino booth. Please visit Destination Thailand on facebook at www.facebook.com/DestinationThailandToronto