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Experiencing through the eyes of a local

Which would you prefer – front row seats at a Rolling Stones concert, or a fold up chair in the corner where you can only view the band from an oblique angle?

It’s a no-brainer, right? Of course the front row seats are obviously better. That is… unless the fold-up is backstage and you’re sitting next to Neil Young and Bono who are enjoying the show with you.

I hesitate to compare a Smiling Albino adventure with backstage access at a Rolling Stones concert, for we’re far less noisy, however I think you understand the point. Often times, it’s more than just getting off the beaten track that leads to a more memorable experience.

Over a decade ago, when we first started planning our Smiling Albino experiences, we asked ourselves what events in life are truly memorable, and why? What is it that gives an experience impact and value?

We’ve found that in our time of on-the-ground planning and delivering trips for our friends and guests that the best experiences are usually a blend of both visited –  and less-visited – sites woven together into tasty brew of “seeing the sites” and experiencing the culture through the eyes of a local, and with a little creative flair added in, just for the memories.

Some outstanding experiences we have delivered recently:

– a private art tour hosted by one of Vietnam’s former Communist Art Police agents

– family bamboo raft building, then cruising it downriver in Northern Thailand

– A street-food adventure via motor-scooter and tuk-tuk in lesser known corners of Old Bangkok

For some, a holiday is checking items off of someone else’s list of things that they would like to see or do. Smiling Albino adds the insider access that oils the machinery of a great trip and ensures that in addition to those highlights, you also have something quite unique and memorable to bring home with you. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor an experience for you that you’ll be talking about for years to come, backstage, or otherwise.

Daniel B. Fraser


Adventure Highlights

From our Blog: 
Naypyidaw: Capital City Built from the Ground Up

Naypyidaw: Capital City Built from the Ground Up


Myanmar is a land that’s been essentially cut off from the world for the better part of five decades. Over the past few years, much has been written about its first official steps into the 21st century as the military slowly (sloooowly) loosens control on media, politics, and travel. Read more…

Dan spent a week in Myanmar in July finalizing the finishing touches for our newest tour edition “Asia’s Golden Land”. First adventure will happen this November! See full itinerary here. Contact Smiling Albino for inquiries and questions!

What’s Going On

Expat Entrepreneur Awards 2014

Daniel Fraser

Held for the first time by The Big Chilli magazine and networking community Bangkok Now (BNow), the awards recognise expat-established companies for their creativity, ingenuity, excellence and success. Smiling Albino’s very own Daniel Fraser has been selected as a candidate. Check out his “Nomination VDO” here…


Destination Thailand Coming to Toronto Sept. 14

Destination Thailand Program

Destination Thailand is the first Thai Festival to take place in Toronto’s world famous Yonge-Dundas Square this coming September 14. Smiling Albino’s Dan Fraser is honoured to emcee the event which will showcase the best Thailand has to offer to the Canadians and tourists from around the world. The event will feature famous Thai food from local restaurants, Muay Thai, traditional Thai Dance, exotic fresh Thai fruits, Thai handicrafts, authentic Thai massage, world class Thai beer, live entertainments, lucky draws, and much more. Please visit Destination Thailand on facebook at www.facebook.com/DestinationThailandToronto

What’s Coming Up…

Smiling Albino is offering three new and innovative Southeast Asia travel experiences.

Royal Motorcycles in Nepal
Dan and group on Royal Enfield motorcycleRoyal Motorcycles in Nepals

Since 1999, Smiling Albino has been crafting memorable travel experiences in Southeast Asia and Nepal by capitalizing on local knowledge and personal connections. This year, Smiling Albino is offering three new and innovative tours for the active, luxury travel market: Multi-transport adventure through Myanmar, Insider’s Access SE Asia, and Luxury Train & Bike Adventures. These new experiences have been made possible by recent travel ban relaxations in Myanmar, new luxury en-suite train cars in Thailand and Smiling Albino’s tireless search for new and interesting local characters throughout the region. The Insider’s Access experiences feature everything from art discovery in Hanoi with a former communist art policeman, to market tours with acclaimed chefs in Bangkok, to walking tours of Phnom Penh with foreign and local journalists, to aerial discovery of outer Angkor with expert cartographers, to name but a few.

Contact Smiling Albino for inquiries and questions!


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